Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: Guide on How to collect XOF Patches

MGS V: Ground Zeroes Image 7

There are total of 9 XOF patches to collect in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Each of XOF Patches is located in area of main mission only. Make sure you don’t die while collecting them because you’ll have to start all over again because game doesn’t save during collecting patches. You’ll get Insignia Achievement with every XOF patch you collect.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Here is quick tips where you’ll find XOF patches:

  1. XOF Patch 1: Where you start start a mission, right behind it, look behind the rock, you’ll find your first XOF patch there.
  2. XOF Patch 2: In the refugee camp, at the end of the road in your map, there you’ll find Second XOF Patch behind fence.
  3. XOF Patch 3: Go to end of row of Barracks, you’ll see a generator in middle of surrounding fence. Third XOF patch will be there on generator.
  4. XOF Patch 4: Go to Heliport near southern wall, look in vent shaft near the boxes.
  5. XOF Patch 5: Fifth XOF patch is located on the guardhouse near the prison. It’s easy to notice.
  6. XOF Patch 6: After collecting 5th XOF patch, behind prison gate look into grass for Sixth XOF patch.
  7. XOF Patch 7: Seventh XOF patch is lying right middle, between to heliports. Go to some distance in south from the flag.
  8. XOF Patch 8: It’s bit difficult to find Eighth XOF Patch and may cause you a trouble. You need to navigate to the eastern wing of base, there is a small building opposite to the stairs, you need to reach at roof of that small building. To get to the roof, climb to the top of generator, stand at the edge, perform sequence keys as hinted to perform jump, after performing a jump just climb to the top and 8th XOF Patch will be lying there at vent.
  9. XOF Patch 9: You don’t need to look at locations for this last XOF patch, it’s on your outfit. Roll on the floor for about 10 seconds to activate a cut-scene. Last and Ninth Patch will be right in front of you.