Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: Afghanistan Side OPs Walkthrough

 Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: Afghanistan Side OPs Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. As you start you play through in Metal Gear Solid 5, you will encounter some side OPs where you can earn extra money and other units for you Mother base. In this Guide, all the side Ops in Afghanistan are mentioned below with details. If you have any doubts regarding any of the mission feel free to shoot them below in comments.

The side OPs are easy and short which rewards with a good amount of GMP and other Mother Base units. The difficulty will automatically change as the game progresses. These side OPs also have some Unlocks some interpreters, buddies etc..

Extract Interpreter (Russian)

As the Missions start you either need to run or use the Horse to get there. You objective is to find the guy with Beret. Along with the Beret guy, there are two other enemies outside the building. First, take the two enemies then trap/trick the Beret guy, extract him and complete the mission. This guy is nothing but a foreign language interpreter and he is a specialist in The Russian Language.

Extract Interpreter (Pashto)

Like the Russian Interpreter, there are many other languages in the game where you need a translator/interpreter to translate them. Now in this Side OP you need to head towards the marker and your target will be lying down with two other enemies. This mission has 6 guards in total. We recommend to take the solo enemies first and once you clear all the individual enemies then take the two guards as you wish. The Target is none other than a Pashto Interpreter(Do not Kill). In this mission, you will find some minimal stats enemies so you can use them at your Mother base.

Secure The RIOT SMG Blueprint

This OP takes place at Da Wialo Kallai, you will find a Soldier in the Camp. You need to Interrogate with him first to know the location of the RIOT SMG Blueprint. As he Points towards the location, it will be automatically be checked on you radar/map. Just Head towards the location and grab the Blueprint from the white box near the books.

Extract the High-Skilled Soldier 1

For these Side Op, you need to spawn as close as possible and then head towards the marked Area. The High-Skilled Soldier is a Sniper guy with two guards. You need to take down the guard post for later use. As you reach near the Bridge, you can easily spot the sniper guy’s location. To Grab him down first crawl the bridge and move toward the left of the mountain and take the sniper guy from the back.

Extract the High-Skilled Soldier 2

Taking this guy is very tricky, so you need to use D-Dog or your Binoculars(upgraded) to locate him from a distance. You will find him at Da Wialo Kallai followed by two soldiers guarding him. To Extract, him first grab a soldier outside and then ask him show all nearby intel location. Then sneak the main guy from the back, take the two guards down and evacuate the Skilled one to complete the mission.

Hint: You could also choke the back guy and the next out and tranquilize the sniper.

Extract the High-Skilled Soldier 3

In this OP near Smasei Fort(Da Smasei Laman), you will find a couple of good A and A+ staffs for your Mother Base. You need D-Dog to extract these staffs from the location. The one you’re searching for is inside the Tent(Wearing Helmet) surrounded with other enemy soldiers. You need to take the outside enemies quietly and use D-Dog to distract them. Once you have a good skilled(A/A+) down, bring them up and extract them out. For the helmet, the guy uses the tranquilizer and shoot on his face.

Prisoner Extraction 1

Near Eastern Communications Post, grab a soldier outside of the base and ask him to share the location of the prisoner. You can take this mission as a Silent Assassin or take everyone down, as per your fun. The Prisoner is guarded with a Riot Shield Guard, So don’t try doing something funny and shoot him. Just use a Mag for the guard and Tranquilizer for the prisoner. Get him out to complete the mission.

Prisoner Extraction 2

This OP is not an easy mission, here the difficulty is little more hard. Remember not to send anyone to the base before you take everyone down. The prisoner is highly guarded in the Building. You need to focus on the Snipers on the Top as well as he notices anyone being send to the Base. So take everyone slowly and steady but, do not send unless you take the sniper guy. Take the Sniper by climbing up the ladder on the top and then you can start extracting the prisoner.

Hint: If you have issue tracking the enemies try this mission at Night.

Extract The Little Lost Sheep

This Sheep can be found at Wialo Village(Da Wialo Kallai). With the sheep, you can also get some intel locations from the enemies nearby. Extract the sheep and complete the mission.

Mine Clearing

Unlike the previous MGS series, you don’t need to be prone to disarm the mine. You D-Dog in this mission as he can smell and notice the mines faster. As you are near to any mine he will alert you. After you disarm all the mines you will complete the mission.

Eliminate The Tank Unit

Take a Rocket Launcher for safe side to eliminate the tank. You will find a Mortar which work better to take down the Tank. The Tank is surrounded with other enemies so don’t be greedy to extract them because the tank will take more than 6 shots to be destroyed completely. You should take it with ease as the tank is steady, it will not move.

Eliminate The Armored Vehicle Unit

This a very simple mission, all you need to do is silently taking down the two enemies guarding the Armored Vehicle with the tranquilizer. Crawl towards the vehicle and plant a C4. Now Just after you blast the Vehicle with C4 other nearby enemies will be alerted. Take them out as well and complete the mission.

Extract The Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 1

The Enemy in this OP is not an ordinary enemy, it takes about 3 CQC sequence to stun him. Try your luck to hit a headshot with a tranquilizer. You will find him on the Top of the Mountain. You need to take him down as quickly as possible because he might counter you and run.

Extract The Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 2

The Second Enemy Wandering you Mother Base. This one is quite easy and can be down with one head shot. You will find him on the Top of the Hill. He might Counter and attack you be careful and avoid damage.

Unlucky Dog 1

This Mission is same as the extracting the prisoner but, this one is beneath the base. You have two options, either you take everyone down and extract the prisoner or else sneak around from the back of the base and you will find two guys guarding the prisoner. Take the two with tranquilizer head shots and then extract the prisoner from the back to complete the mission.

Unlucky Dog 2

This Side OP takes place at same location as the Honey Bee(Main Mission). The Prisoner is guarded with two soldiers. You can take a D-Dog here especially when he can bark and distract the other enemies while you take some of them down. OR if not with the D-Dog then the old-school way the Mags and Yourself. If you find a specialist nearby then extract him or self a Chopper attack can do the work for you by clearing out the area.

Stun Arm Blueprint

You will Find Stun Arm Blueprint on top of the Serak Power Plant. All you need to do is take out all the 3 enemies guarding it and grab the Blueprint.

Capture The Legendary Brown Bear

You need a tranquilizer Sniper Rifle to shot the Bear from a distance. The Bear is a bit hard as nails to be taken down. You also need D-Dog in this mission to locate him and be alerted about his every moment. You shot avoid fighting him and try to take him down with tranquilizer head shot. One shot is enough to drop him.

Eliminate Heavy Infantry

In this mission, there are two heavily-armoured Guards and this takes place at a guard post north of Lamar Khaate Palace. To take them down you need to plan a good strategy and you should notice a Red Barrel on yop of the troops. Silent Riles and Mags is enough to take everyone down. You might not be able to kill them as their helmets blow off, so try tranquilizing them(if you want to keep them) or just blow them(head shot kill) to finish the mission.

Extract The Legendary Gunsmith Again

This Legendary Gunsmith can be found back at Afghanistan Central Base Camp. You can extract him with ease as he is only guarded with three enemies and for this mission, Tranquilizer pistol with silencer is all that you need. Kill the guards and extract the gunsmith without alerting others.