Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: Africa Side OPs Walkthrough

 Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: Africa Side OPs Walkthrough

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. After completing your Side OPs in Afghanistan, the second place where you start your next Side OPs is in The Border Region in Africa. These Side OPs will help you earn extra money and other units for you Mother base. In this Guide, all the side Ops in Africa are mentioned below with details. If you have any doubts regarding any of the mission feel free to shoot them below in comments.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

The side OPs in Africa are easy and covers a new bunch of enemies to hunt. You will start you first Side OPs of this area in the Border Region of the Africa and completing them will be rewarded with a good amount of GMP and other Mother Base units. The difficulty will automatically change as the game progresses. These side OPs also have some Unlocks some interpreters, items, buddies etc..

Extract Interpreter (Afrikaans)

You’ll have a perfect chance to extract him in Mission 14, ‘Lingua Franca’ but, if you fail to extract him then a side OPs will pop-up to complete it. He can be found in a hut, near south-west of Bampeve Plantation. There will be two soldiers guarding him and they can be easily taken down and the prisoner(interpreter) can be extracted using the Fulton device.


Extract Interpreter (Kikongo)

Kikongo is one of the languages which the enemies speak in Africa. The interpreter can be found in a yellow house(outpost #16), north of Munoko ya Nioka Station. There will be a bunch of soldiers guarding him and so just take the guards at the front of the outpost, then enter the house and extract him.

Hint: Do not try extracting him from outside, you might get caught.


Prisoner Extraction 06

The Prisoner is being held at Kiziba Camp, South Guard Post(Angola-Zaire Border Region). There’ll be 6 enemies guarding him and one of them is carrying sniper and other at the guard post. First take the Guard tower then silently take all the ground enemies without alerting the sniper. At last you can tranquilize the sniper as he is an A rating guy so you can also extract him with the prisoner.


Extract The Legendary Gunsmith

A bit tricky Mission by definitely not a hard one. You will need a stun grenade for this one as all enemies are with helmets on. Simply wait for the guy to come out for patrol and then shot him with a tranquilizer dart, this will alert the other three guards. This is the perfect time to use the Stun Grenade and let them hit the deck. Now go and extract the guy(Legendary Gunsmith) and escape before other are awake.

Hint: Use Quiet in this mission to take multiple enemies down till the time you clear out the nearby supplies.


Extract The Highly-Skilled Soldier 04

This High-Skilled Soldier can be found at Angola-Zaire Border Region. Find he is easy but, extracting him out is a lot difficult. As he Patrols right next to the armored vehicle(Doesn’t move unless it sees its target). Here no possibility of headshots as the guy he with the helmet on, try going as close as possible and tranquilize him. Now plant a C4 on the vehicle and escape.

Hint: Try extracting the Armored-Vehicle if you want.


Eliminate The Heavy Infantry 05

The Heavy Infantry is located in Ditadi Abandoned Village, South Guard Post. You need more of explosives in this mission as the enemies are heavily armoured, so they can’t be killed with headshots or normal kills from far away. You need to sneak up on them and use your knife to take them down or else just tranquilize them if you want to extract them.


Eliminate The Tank Unit 04

You should be more careful if you think to take this mission in the daytime. You are going to deal with 6 soldiers, a tank, and a chopper. You need to plan some good strategy before you take them. Bring a Launcher for the chopper, Binoculars to track down the snipers looking over the tank. First sneak quietly and take the sniper one by one and extract the tank. If you alert the nearby soldiers then you must fight them as well. Finally take the chopper down with the Launcher and escape.


Extract The Gun-Cam Defender Blueprint

The Gun-Cam Defender Blueprint is hidden near the airport. Head towards the Airport, use the side buildings as your cover. You will run into 2-3 enemies if you keep sticking to the back of the building. Simply grab the blueprint and escape the area.


Extract The Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 05

This soldier is located at the top of the hill. Do not try to sneak up on him as he as always on alert. You will be needing a Tranq Sniper Rifle to take him down from a distance. Now wait for the perfect moment, as he turns around you’ll have a clear change over him and take him down. Now extract him and complete the mission.


Stay Tuned…. This Guide will be updated with other Africa Border Region Side OPs.