MGS V: The Phantom pain – Advanced Resource Farming Guide

 MGS V: The Phantom pain – Advanced Resource Farming Guide

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Your weapon upgrades, base upgrades and even usage of the weapons takes up resources so eventually making you run out of resources. What if you could farm your own resource? It is now possible to Farm your resources to avoid worrying about having to find them in the field. This Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide will help you with advanced resources farming.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

You’ll have to play the game Main Missions to process the resources. These are unprocessed materials after you’ve acquired them. The Basic requirements which you need to make sure are level up the Base Development Platform to get the resources process faster. To begin with Main Missions:

Mission 12 – Hellbound Farming

This mission will farm about 500 x Precious Metal, 7500 x Fuel and 4000 x Minor Metal. Nevertheless, you require Wormhole Upgrade for your Fulton extraction(Best way to acquire the resources).

Step 1:

There are two guards and take this first guy out to dispatch the resources.


Step 2:

The Second guy will be walking from the right to left.


Step 3:

To your left you have to climb the staircase and behold.


Step 4:

Proceed to extract them all the containers you see.

mgsv-pp-mission-12-4.1.jpg mgsv-pp-mission-12-4.2.jpg mgsv-pp-mission-12-4.3.jpg

Step 5:

Skip the cutscene and get the intel file on the other side of the map. Now simply wait for the resources to register so that you’ll know that how much resources you’ve obtained and added to the storage.


Step 6:

Just Restart the Mission and repeat the same process and the containers will continue to respawn. When you’re done farming then proceed to abort the mission.

Mission 18 – Blood Runs Deep Farming

This mission will farm about 7500 x Common Metal.

Step 1:

Head to outpost number 4.


Step 2:

You Buddy Quiet is required to take a half dozen of enemies for you and till that time you can focus on the resource extraction. Use silenced weapons if you do think to attack the Gunship.


Step 3:

Extract the container with its lesser partner which has about 750 x Common Metal container.


Step 4:

After the extraction, rum away about 100m to save for the extractions(includes soldiers, vehicles, placed weapons, resources you picked up, and containers you extracted).


Step 5:

Preferable to extract the soldiers as well so that he will be replaced with some other guys.


Step 6:

When you’re done farming then proceed to abort the mission.


Mission 30 – Skull Face farming

This mission will you farm Biological, Minor Metal.

Step 1:

You need to bring D-Walker with his Fulton Ballista for this mission even if there is no combat.


Step 2:

Precious Metal container is kept in this location shared below.


Step 3:

Outpost ahead of you is unoccupied, so be ready to fight.

Step 4:

The Container we are looking for is located on the left side of the outpost. Search for it and extract it back to mother base.


Step 5:

If you’re doing this with D-Walker you need to go through the tunnel. Make a hard right first, then gently turn left, and keep to the road


Step 6:

Head towards the right path when you come across divided paths. After covering certain distance, it will trigger Huey’s dialogue and the save for extractions.


Hint: Repeat the mission if you need more.

The Farming:

After gathering all the resources from 3 different missions, you need to upgrade but for that you need GMP. You might sell precious metals and plants to cover the costs. But guess what HERE is the best way to earn 4.5 million GMP within 15 mins. If you have any doubts do shoot them in the comments section below.