MGS V: The Phantom Pain – Best way to Farm S Soldiers

MGS V: The Phantom Pain vs GTA V

We All know how important it is to hunt and extract the S Soldiers for your Mother base. The S Soldiers will help you level up your units quickly, but it’s very hard to find the S Soldiers. This Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain guide will help you farm the S Soldiers with no pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

How to get the S Soldiers?

We have found the finest and the best way to farm the S Soldiers so far. All you need to to is to Complete Mission 48: Code Talker. During the mission, you get to the Code Talker and try to carry him out and drop him in the cellar. Simply run out and kill all 4 skulls with Brennan LRS-46 sniper(recommended). These soldiers do not make much of the damage so feel free to attack and extract them all.

As you have enough Time, you can run down the river and get some more soldiers and then return back up to the villa up to the mountain. Do not rush! just take it simple and easy. Take your time and extract the best S Soldiers. Here is what we found during our Hunt: 28 S, 26 A++, and 13 A+ Soldiers.


Hint: Play this mission more than 5 times to have like about 140+ S Soldiers.

How to Complete Mission 48 with S-Rank

Mission 48: [Extreme] Code Talker

From the start drive past the 4 skulls with a light tank. You need some active decoys to distract the guards near the mansion. Now directly head towards the mansion from behind and reach Code Talker, call the extraction helicopter to the northern landing zone. Run towards the helicopter and escape the zone(doesn’t matter if the enemies spot you.. just run).