MGS V: The Phantom Pain How to Defeat the Man on Fire in Mission ‘The Voices’

 MGS V: The Phantom Pain How to Defeat the Man on Fire in Mission ‘The Voices’

The Man on Fire in Mission ‘The Voices’ is very difficult to defeat in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Really? Many have tried of beating the Man on Fire, but they find it extremely difficult. So to clear the difficulty check this guide below which will help you defeat him with ease and also how to get an S-Rank in this Mission in MGS V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

How to Beat the Man on Fire

Before you start the mission make sure you have your preparations done. You need a 8 C4s and Shotgun to make a complete success. At the beginning of the mission, just after the cutscene is over, head towards the left after the exit from the House of the Devil.

You’ll notice a tower with a water bath and a tank with fuel. Simply Place a C4 on the tank and make your run towards the tower. After the teleportation is done go to the tank and sit closer to the exit than to the person. Now the point here is not letting him destroy the charge. As will come forwards to ask you, he should recline in the pool melting. Rarely, it will happen that he might fall into the edges of the water tower.

If this happens you have two options either you restart the mission or you put the charges on the edges of the bath making him pass the charge and blow up or kill him with the Shotgun to make him toss into the pool or the water tower.

How to get S-Rank

C4 or a grenade launcher will be the most need for this mission. Make you a quick way to the enemy camps undetected. Place the C4 on the gas tank before you start he fight with the boss. Now just wait until he walk between the tank and the pool and blow it up, this will end the fight that very instant. All you need to do is end the mission by escaping from the tunnel.