MGS V: The Phantom Pain – Play as Hideo Kojima MOD

 MGS V: The Phantom Pain – Play as Hideo Kojima MOD

Hideo Kojima is a Japanese video game designer, screenwriter, director and producer of Metal Gear Solid V. Kojima’s actually in the game, as a recruitable agent, but do you really want him to be out in the desert firing and fighting with the enemies? Here is how to download and install the Hideo Kojima MOD in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

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This Mod will replace MGS1 Snake costume with the Kojima model. You need to take a backup of the files before you make any installation or changes using this MOD.


You Download Play as Kojima Mod from HERE. After the successful download extract all the items in one Folder. Now Place the chunk0 folder into your existing chunk0 folder after extracting chunk0.dat with the QAR Tool. Then repack the .dat file by putting the chunk0.inf into the QAR Tool.

Enable to mod by equipping the MGS1 Snake costume. And here are some know bugs which might get fix with the updates:

  • Mouth and eyes don’t move
  • Binoculars are blocked by the vest
  • Primaries stuck inside the torso


If you have any doubts do shoot them below in the comments section.