MGS V: The Phantom Pain – Pro Game Mechanics Tips and Tricks

 MGS V: The Phantom Pain – Pro Game Mechanics Tips and Tricks

The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had a new play mechanics, as well as the cast of the characters. The Gameplay you played was smooth and fast but did you know some interesting facts about the pro game mechanics tricks in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Well, Check out the List below to know all about the advanced game mechanics and its facts.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Few Dedicated MGS V: TPP players have discovered how actually the game mechanics work or what’s the fact about this new advanced game mechanics. So we divided into categories:

General Game Mechanics:

  • When your at staff limit for your Mother Base and a New recruits which cannot be assigned to unit gets dismissed automatically.
  • If You repeatedly kill/Fulton an enemy guard then he sometimes get despawned and will only respawn if you complete the mission and start it all over again.
  • If your FOB opponent is with less than 120000 heroism, you’ll get the Nuclear weapon protection.
  • If you kill a critically injured/wounded soldier on FOB mission, then you lose 40 heroism.
  • If you Throw any soldier or people off the edge in FOB mission then you do not lose any heroism.
  • A mission with chicken hat can reduce the difficulty level but not cannot reduce the equipment upgrades.
  • Here are few Neutralization techniques from longest to shortest:
    • Five hit CQC combo
    • CQC choke
    • Tranquilizer round headshot
    • Tranquilizer round body shot
    • CQC throw into a wall
    • CQC throw to the ground
  • To open the locked door quickly keep pressing the unlock button rapidly but this will create more noise. Or you can try making the noise purposely and making the guard open the door to lure him out.
  • After every 5 missions, the destroyed places/items are repaired such as the watchtowers, antennas, power systems, etc.

Strategy Game Mechanics:

  • So talking about the missions, if your struggling on a particular mission and you are tired to being repeated every time you die. Then try this: you can even manually trigger a checkpoint by running away from the area and enter some unmarked zone.
  • Whenever you are dropped by your helicopter, make sure you set another flying zone for it before flies out of your reach. Setting another landing zone helps you finish the mission faster and it also won’t cost you a thing.
  • Before the Start of Main Mission 04, if you destroy all 4 communications devices in the Eastern Communication outpost then the missions is completed instantly and you don not have to do a thing, but you won’t receive any score if you do so.
  • During Side Ops 143, if you use a lethal weapon against the pod then it will start speaking lines from Metal Gear Solid 3 and the Peace Walker. You will only use it once during the battlefield or if it is already sent back to Mother Base then you can penetrate hi again with ta non-lethal way.
  • You can create an electrical disturbance in the area like some damage, shocking or stunning unconscious nearby enemies if knock one of the Low-voltage overhead power lines(only when it’s raining).

Snake’s Game Mechanics:

  • Taking the Stealth mode in the cardboard box to sneak around, if it happens that an enemy spotted you then you can contact their commander who will ask them to now mess around and all back to work and if this also doesn’t work and a group of enemies has spotted you then don’t worry, just place a sleeping gas mine right inside your cardboard box and side out before they reach you.
  • To travel through slopes and hills to the plain ground always use the cardboard to side down quickly and unnoticed.
  • Did you know you can stun an enemy if you use the reflex mode? Here is the deal whenever any enemy spots you, enter your reflex mode and just throw the magazine on his head. if you have correctly aimed then you’ll see he is stunned for few min that too without wasting any bullets.
  • While your behind with the D-Horse, you can Hijack a jeep without any pain.
  • You can Fulton/Wormhole yourself out from the hot zone to ACC, all you need to do is locate a resource charge, climb up and extract the cargo with yourself on Top of it.
  • How to use Water Pistol? You don’t understate the power of Water Pistol, this can be carried as your Non-lethal, no alarm, and silent runs. Level 3 version is very useful as it can temporarily stop the skulls from attacking.
  • If you are on Fire then get to a prone position and start rolling to get rid of it.
  • Strap some C4 to anything that can be Fulton to get rid of the choppers without being detected. Now you have to wait and let the chopper settle itself above the object, here you need to ask D-Dog to Fulton it via the “Do it” command. This can be risky but a worth a try.
  • If you are good to activate the decoys, they can be used to knock out the enemies.
  • Snake’s running speed is 30 km/h, but you can increase the speed you need to unlock the Cyborg Ninja outfit which can run at 39 km/h and finally the Raiden Outfit which crosses over 45 km/h.
  • The one with night vision goggles can be tracked with the use of the flashlight attached to your weapons at close quarter.
  • After Snake is transformed into Demon Snake his blood cannot be washed away which in return leave you footprints everywhere you go.
  • The intensity of the smoke grenade can be reduced if you throw them in the water near the area. It might not work as well if you throw it in a deep water.
  • Few Utility Tapes can be used to Distract and helpful somehow. Let’s Check them out:
    • Recorded on the Toilet – while hiding inside a portable toilet can stop enemy soldiers from checking it out.
    • Love Deterrence – attract the Wandering prisoners while in the “Extract the Wandering Prisoner” side ops(saves all the chase)
    • Quiet’s humming – steady your aim while performing sniping shots.
    • Afghanistan Lullaby and African Lullaby – Causes a ZZZ status on nearby troops, in respective zones.