MGS V The Phantom Pain: Where To Get 610K GMP From Every Large Diamond, 100K GMP On Resource Respawn & More

 MGS V The Phantom Pain: Where To Get 610K GMP From Every Large Diamond, 100K GMP On Resource Respawn & More

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Money is a very important factor in the game and making money with the GMP(Gross Military Product) is also one tough job. If you search wide across the map you will notice hundreds of diamonds are scattered everywhere, some can be found on your Mother Base as well. Here is the List of Diamonds which respawn and are worth more than 610,000 GMP in MGS V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

The Diamonds are of two different types, Small Diamonds and the Large Diamonds. You can find them in Da Smasei Laman(Smasei Fort), Afghanistan. These places will provide you with 610k GMP(When the diamonds have respawned in which 11 are small diamonds and 5 large diamonds), 110k GMP (On resource respawn) and 300 Fuel Resources, 800 Biological Material, 600 Common Metal, 400 Minor Metal. These resources take time( a certain number of days) to respawn after you have collected. The smaller diamonds respawn faster than the larger once.

Note: Try clearing the enemy bases first, before you try and collect the diamonds or resources.

Locations for all Small Diamonds:

Small Diamonds #1 and #2

The first two diamonds are located at the same place under the table next to the small prison.


Small Diamonds #3

This one is right in front of small prison under a sleeping bench.


Small Diamonds #4

After you’ve gone trough the first room of the big left entrance, you’ll find it in the corner.


Small Diamonds #5


Small Diamonds #6


Small Diamonds #7


Small Diamonds #8


Small Diamonds #9


Small Diamonds #10


Small Diamonds #11


Locations for all Large Diamonds:

Large Diamonds #1


Large Diamonds #2


Large Diamonds #3


Large Diamonds #4


Large Diamonds #5


Stay Tuned…. This Guide will be updated soon with new locations for diamonds and resources.