Michael Jackson: The Experience Trophies List for PS3

A complete trophies list for Michael Jackson: Experience is out now. In total there are 29 trophies in the game, divided into four category Bronze (15), Silver (7), Gold (6) and Platinum (1). We have listed below details of every trophies in the game along with the hints to achieve it.

Michael Jackson: The Experience will launch on April 12 in North America, and on April 14 in Europe for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Michael Jackson: The Experience

Here is the list of trophies:


Post 10 photos on your Facebook profile

Church Hop
Your first song (two singers)

Click-Click Chest
10 different songs (one singer)

Your first song (one singer)

Funky Rocks
While singing, Obtain at least ‘OK’ On Every line

Heel Groove
Dance: 5 Obtain ? Easy on 5 different songs

Hop Walk
10 different dances (one dancer)

Leg Kick
Your first dance (at least two dancers)

Monster Breakdown
Save 10 videos

Monster Poses
Save 10 photos

Sing: Obtain 5 ? Easy on 5 different songs

Rock and Pop
Reach Every gold note on 5 different songs

10 different songs (two singers)

10 different dances (at least two dancers)

Your first dance (one dancer)


Sing: Obtain ? 5 on 5 different songs Medium

Cross With Scoot
20 different dances (one dancer)

20 different dances (at least two dancers)

Hot Feet
Dance: Obtain 5 on 5 different ? Medium Songs

Jackson Walk
Achieve gold moves on to five different songs

Kick Freeze and Repeat
20 different songs (one singer)

Military March
20 different songs (two singers)


360 Airwalk
29 different dances (one dancer)

Lock and Pop
29 different songs (two singers)

Never-Ending Spin
Sing: Obtain 5 ? Hard on 4 different songs

Side Glide
29 different songs (one singer)

Toe Stand
Dance: 5 Obtain ? Hard songs on five different

Zero Gravity Lean
29 different dances (at least two dancers)


Obtain all trophies from the game!