Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough Mission 1 – Release


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a reboot to 2008’s Mirror Edge and this Open-world action video game will set in a futuristic city called Glass. The Player will again be taking control over Faith Connors, but this time with advanced features, objectives, freedom in traversal, parkour movements, and quick melee-style attacks and much more to explore. This Walkthrough Guide will show you how to complete the first Mission with ease.

Mission 1: Release Walkthrough

Mission 1 – Release Walkthrough

The Game start with a cutscene where Faith Connors wakes up from a dream from the past then after a quick check from the guard Faith is set free to enter the world after 2 years of a prison cell. Once you get control of the Character Faith, you can explore the room and follow the arrow path. Instead to getting shipped to Food Drone 4 you manage to get out of the Kruger facility from the Red Door with the help of Icarus.

The Basics

He claims to know Noah and he has sent him to help you escape, here you have no other choice but to trust him so simply follow him. He provides you with the beatlink that will show you the Echo and keep in touch with Noah. Get started with your tutorial for the running and jumping the walls and pipes. You will soon encounter your fight opponent who is a melee KrugerSec Guard and he can be easily taken down with two blows. Once you make it through you will meet Icarus again and he will ask you to split up again and meet him at the Warehouse.

The Combat Tutorial

Once you get used to all the jumps and running it’s time Noah will update you with the runner Echo which will show you how to vault over the Baracaids, run along the wall and slip down the pipes. Noah then updates you with the change in the World and some heavy guards patrolling the rooftop and before you take them you must learn how to use the combat. Icarus will soon update you Beatlink which shows how to beat up the KrugerSec Guards with Combat skills.

You need to follow the marker and defeat the Echo Guards with the exact same move or else you’ll have to redo the move. Once you are done with the program it’s time to test it with the real guards so Springboard through the window and get ready to face the KrugerSec Guards, you can easily take them out with the combos you just learned and don’t worry if you miss you can still take them with normal melee attacks.

Finally, taking down the light melee Guards, Faith will come across a real Heavy Guard who will push her off the scaffoldings this will all be the part of the cutscene. Activate your runner vision, make you way out of the building. Thus completing the First Mission – Release and You can either continue directly to the next Mission 2 – Old Friends or check out what happens after the Release Below. You can also, check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.

Zephyr Transit Hub

Your next objective will be to head inside the Zephyr Transit Hub after a short Reunion with Noah a Side Quest triggers to Meet the Birdman where you will update your skill tree and then free to explore the Lair. There are also 2 hidden Documents collectibles in Zephyr Transit Hub, check out our Collectible Guide to know the exact location for all the collectibles in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

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