Mission 10: Vive La Resistance – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

At the end of Mission 9: Encroachment, Faith managed to disable the drones which were not active yet by the KrugerSec, but later Rebecca wants you to join her plan to blow against the KrugerSec by kidnapping their high ranking officer. You Job is is to clear the escape routes back to the Black November hideout. So let’s see how Faith will support Rebecca’s plan.

Mission 10: Vive La Resistance Walkthrough

Mission 10: Vive La Resistance Walkthrough

After clearing the Sentry Drone Crates, meet Rebecca and she will hand over you with an Upgrade to your Magrope – Pull-Down needed for this mission. With this upgrade, you can pull down the plank and clear the are for the next run. You and Icarus need to disable the active Sentry Drones and clear the area before time.

Meet Icarus

Head towards the start location, push the switch to open the door and Rebecca will update you about the Mission. Now head towards the next marked location where you need to meet up with Icarus. Soon you’ll hear from him on how he is stuck with the drone, so head towards him and quickly disable the drones and then meet up with Icarus.

Reach the Construction Site

Icarus is now safe and you both decide to split up, so make you make towards the construction site with the help of the runner vision. Once you reach there Icarus should be done with his part of drones so he will help you to get yours. After the diversion is created head inside the building and get towards the first Sentry Drone.

Disable the First Sentry Drone

Make your way towards the top of the building where you will find your first Sentry Drone. There isn’t much cover in there so the trick is to keep running directly towards the Crate where you’ll disable it. Do not stop at all and keep your runner vision active to know where to head next. Once you are done disabling the Drones, you need to reach the roof to move to the next building.

Disable the Second Sentry Drone

Icarus will have the container ready for us to climb on the next building so again head top of the building to find the crate. Get inside the vent and then towards the drone area. Icarus has some different plans for disabling the drones, he wants us to jump into the stack of Steels and then punch them down to destroy the drones completely. Once you are done with that Icarus will bring you down and Rebecca will update you about the mission Success.

Now get back to the hideout and meet Rebecca where she will inform you that the High Ranking officer is none other than Kruger’s Daughter and the cutscene begins thus completing the Mission and the walkthrough, you can either proceed to the next Mission 11: Prisoner X or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.