Mission 11: Prisoner X – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

Faith and Rebecca managed to Kidnap K-Sec High Ranking Officer in Mission 10: Vive La Resistance, but she happens to be Isabel Kruger who is Gabriel Kruger’s daughter. Now Faith comes to know that Noah is alive and the only way to know is Hack into KrugerSec HQ. Plastic will be helping us on getting things done so let’s see what happens in Mission 11.

Mission 11: Prisoner X Walkthrough

Mission 11: Prisoner X Walkthrough

At the end of a side Mission – Payback, Dogen will contact you and inform you about Noah’s death which was fake and he is still alive. Now you need to talk to Isabel Kruger to begin with this Mission. After talking to her she informs you that only KrugerSec HQ has the data about the Prisoners so it’s to break in their HQ.

Get to the View

The next location is almost at the other end of the Map so we hope you have the safe house unlocked for Fast Travel. On your way towards the marked location, Plastic will update you about the plan on how you need to get on the VTOL and then towards the KrugerSec HQ to hack the main terminal.

Intercept the VTOL

Wait for Plastic’s confirmation on the exact mark and till then, you can try to follow the VTOL. Make you way into the next building then run inside the room to get out from the other side than towards the other building until you see the VTOL stops to hover then you can attach your Mag to it and ride.

Find a way into the building

Plastic will inform you to get off the VTOL as they have changed their direction. The Big Dogg aka KrugerSec HQ is not far away from our landing so it’s ok. Now use the vent to get inside the building then use the elevator shafts to get down to the Main Server Room. The Elevator Shaftway is pretty dangerous so we recommend going slow and easy until you use the Elevator down.

Reach the Tower

Now Make your way through the maintenance room to the outside and now towards the tower. Make use of the elevator to get inside the fan system where you need to disable one of the fans to get through the heart of the KrugerSec’s in Glass. Plastic will ask you to connect to the Priority switches once you get to the lower level of the room. As Plastic already informed about the security issue just get ready to run.

Escape the HQ

Now the data is collected by Plastic along with Isabel’s data so Plastic will now ask you to get on the employ shuttle from the main lobby and she will help you out from the HQ. Make your way out from the Server room then with the help of the vent you finally make it to the lobby where K-Sec Guards are waiting for us. As the First Shuttle leaves, you need to buy some time until other arrives.

The Guards are easy to take down if you have fully upgraded your skills and after taking down 6 to 7 guards Sentinal Guard will show up and buy few more time and Plastic will ask you to jump on the Shuttle and its done. Thus completing the Mission and the walkthrough, you can either proceed to the next Mission 12: Thy Kingdom Come or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.