Mission 12: Thy Kingdom Come – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

Faith finally gets her hands on Noah’s Location in Mission 11: Prisoner X, but she also came to know about Isabel Kruger’s true identity and it happens to Cat Connors her sister who was adopted by Kruger. Rebecca is about to Kill her but she waits for Faith to bring back Noah from Kingdom and hand over the Blueprints to spare Cat’s life.

Mission 12: Thy Kingdom Come Walkthrough

Mission 12: Thy Kingdom Come Walkthrough

You need to talk to Dogen in order to know where Kingdom area is and when you visit him he informs you about how dangerous and the conglomerate’s dirty little secret. The Kingdom facility is below Rezoning area and you must dig down to get through the facility. So first things first you must talk and Confront to Cat Connors about here true identity.

Head towards the Hideout where Isabel Kruger aka Cat is been prisoned, but you see Rebecca has already taken her to the Conduit and you must stop her and this will all be a part of the cutscene. Now Rebecca needs Noah and Reflection Blueprints in order to spare your sister so head towards the blast door where Icarus is waiting for you to start the mission.

Find Kingdom

You ask Icarus to stay and watch for Rebecca’s plans with Cat instead of coming with her to Kingdom Facility. After the cutscene head towards the Big Orange Blast Door which Plastic will open it for you and she will warn you about the low signals in there so you are on your own. Slide down and use the Zipline to get down the Facility.

Gain access to the Kingdom

Make your way down while the signals get interfered and go down with the zip line inside the vent. Finally, you’ll encounter K-Sec Guards, take them and continue towards the next area with more guards. Next, you’ll get inside the area where all the Prisoners cell can be seen and your Runner Vision goes offline. Once you manage to climb up cutscene will start where you meet Aline Maera who was last seen at Kruger’s office where you stole the blueprints.

Find Noah

Aline inform you about Noah’s current location inside the interrogation room, also you need to release her along with her friends by pressing the emergency release switch. Now head down and make use of that vent to stay away from the Guards. No need to engage the fight simply run away towards the interrogation room. Once you come close you will hear Kruger’s voice interrogating with Noah and the cutscene begins.


Unfortunately, Noah didn’t make it and Aline with her friends need to escape the Facility so you must help to stop the guards and find another way out. Head back towards the guards and you will find the Cargo elevator waiting for you, but do remember to avoid the guards and make your Run towards the Exit.

Thus completing the Mission and the walkthrough, you can either proceed to the next Mission 13: Family Matters or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.