Mission 14 – The Breaking: Halo 5 Guardians Walkthrough

Master Chief and Blue Team have now entered the Gateway, it’s time to meet Cortana, but Fireteam Osiris will cross their path of Blue Team to stop them from reaching Cortana. Let’s Checkout how Cortana captures Master Chief and deals with the Fireteam in Mission 14: The Breaking.

Halo 5: Guardians

After the Cutscene concludes, you’ll take control over Master Chief alongside Blue Team and try to locate Cortana. As you begin you need to deal with few enemies which include the Prometheans and Crawlers and head towards the Gate with the Blue light. Each enemy you take down will drop a weapon for you so make sure you have your weapons refilled.

Passing through the gates will take you on a Platform which will move upwards to the next section. Now get ready for the second wave of Prometheans, start eliminating them and be careful of the pair of Turrets at the door. Make sure you have your ammo refilled as you need to deal with other waves of enemies.

Keep moving forward through the door then another door. The third wave will start with Warden Eternal for few seconds and rest you need to take down these enemies. The best way to defeat these foes is by using the Splinter Turret against them and you’ll find them by taking the crawlers. After defeating them move forward to the next platform. If you think you’re lost then use the D-pad to locate.

The Platform will take you higher to the next section where the Prometheans are waiting for you. If you’re low at health or ammo you can always take cover behind the metal panels. Moving forwards, you need to deal with a pair of Knights and Turrets. Also, make sure if your team requires any assistance during the battle.

Move forwards to the final section for reaching Cortana, but before that you need to deal with Warden Eternal’s Trio form and a pair of turrets. We recommend to take one by one and also make use of the cannon, but it will only allow you to stay up till 10 seconds not more than that.

After defeating Warden Eternal’s trio form keep moving through the door and reach Cortana where the cutscene will begin and end of Mission 14: The Breaking. Master Chief is now captured by Cortana in a Cryptum until she finishes her work.