Mission 14: Tickets, Please – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

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Faith managed to get Kruger’s Gridprints from his apartment in Mission 13: Family Matters, but now she also needs to upload the Reflection Virus in the Sky City. TO do so you need to first hack the trains which will take you to the Sky City so Plastic will ask you subvert the Transit control hubs and let Plastic hack the train and wait for their command. This is a Time-based mission so you need to be a good runner.

Mission 14: Tickets, Please Walkthrough

Mission 14: Tickets, Please Walkthrough

Once you have the Gridprints from Kruger’s apartment head back to Plastic and update her about the mission. She will inform you how the Reflection can still be a cause so you need to upload a virus into the Sky City, but you need to get there first so subvert all 3 Transit Control Hubs.

Subvert the First Control Hub

After starting the mission head towards the first marked location. You must pull down the first board down in order to make your climb and do the same with the second board. Finally, jump on the pole and climb up to get towards the console. Activate the Console so the Plastic can hack the terminal.

Subvert the Second Control Hub

Once you activate the first terminal a timer will start for 3 minutes 20 sec to get to the next location. If you fail to activate the second console within the given time the area will reset and you have to redo it. Keep running and Plastic will inform you that the second terminal is guarded by K-Sec guards. Take them down first and then Make you climb. This time, the board is moving so you must time it well in order to climb high.

Subvert the last Control Hub

After activate the second hub another timer will trigger for one minute and 15 seconds. The place is nearby, but the climb is a little tricky as you must not only time the jump but also do it within time. Once you are done it all the K-Sec guards will surround the area and all you need to do is escape the area.

If you manage to escape the K-Sec guards to the safe house you’ll complete the Mission and one one final Mission is left. You can either proceed to the Ending Mission 15: The Shard or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.