Mission 15: The Shard – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Ending Walkthrough

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Faith has the ticket to Sky City in the previous Mission 14: Tickets Please, and now Plastic and Aline will help you to get there safe and upload the Virus to DIstroy Reflection. This is the last mission so it is lengthy and more of the climbing involved, so let’s get started with the final mission of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mission 15: The Shard Walkthrough

Mission 15: The Shard Walkthrough

You will start this mission on a Train where Aline and Plastic will update you about the mission and how to get it down. They will be in contact with us, but as we are going to make a very high climb so they will be out of reach. If you get stuck all you need to do is activate your Runner vision to locate the next section. While on the train you need to crouch and avoid hitting the signal.

Make your way to the Top of the Building

Activate the runner vision to know where to head on the top of the Glass which are collapsing. Now jump on the lift and then to another until you make it to the top. Climb the two pipes and the get inside the Room where you see the fans running and get ready to fight a couple of K-Sec guards on your way up.

After dealing with the Guards its time to make the best use of the Mag to pull you up along with the Blades. Just enjoy the ride up as you need to find next couple of guards near the stairs. Now get inside the room via the fan which plastic disabled. Take your time there is no need to hurry here.

Now you have the lighting pipes which you must climb and you also have to avoid the objects that are falling down from the top. There is a halt halfway then continue climbing up until you get inside the vent then towards the next vent and get out towards the lovely looking garden area.

Use the Elevator on the outside to get up into the vent and make your way all the way to the top. You’ll enter another Lighting Pipe area so start the climb and make sure to look for the falling objects. This is a long climb and once you reach the top use the Mag to pull you up until you reach the Top. On your way towards the Glass area, things will start getting a bit worse os be careful.

Kruger Facility

Finally, you will walk on the Pipe balancing and then again hook one of the blades to get up. Inside the Facility on the right, you will find a bunch of K-Sec Guards so you need to defend yourself for 10 seconds and Plastic will able to open the Elevator door, another Pipe Area to climb and thus make it to the Top.

Command Center

Plastic will ask you to head inside the command center and thus, a cutscene will begin where Kruger and His two best Sentinels are waiting to take us down. While the virus is been uploaded you need to stop the Guards and fight them. Being the last mission the guards will not be too easy to take down so maintain your distance. After defeating the guards another cutscene will start you fight with Kruger and Cat shows Up.

The End

You need to follow Cat and make her understand that you are her sister and Kruger is the one who killed you Parents. Even though you manage to save the Reflection from being executed you lost too many lives. Thus Ending the Story you can check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.