Mission 2: Old Friends – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

Fighter Within

After you out of the Prison Cell in Mission 1 – Release, it’s time to get back to Noah and get updated about the world changes. After a quick trace with the Birdman, you’ll get a call from your old friend Nomad who will ask your help for the outCaste suffering in the Greyland by collecting the control chip from ALLCOM relay boxes in the city. So let’s see how we can help Nomad and complete the Mission 2 of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mission 2: Old Friends Walkthrough

Mission 2 – Old Friends Walkthrough

Coming back to the Streets feels like home and Noah will ask you to meet the Birdman for her first assignment so you can either go to meet Birdman which is optional or directly meet up with old friend Nomad. After meeting Nomad he will update you about the current changes and ask you for help.

All you need to do is collect the 3 Control chips so that Nomad can help our other group set by warning them about the raids. You need to activate the runner vision to locate the next control chips ALLCOM relay boxes. After the First box head back from the door and then jump towards the next railing. Here you will meet you new enemy – K-Sec Protector, he is a melee enemy and for the beginner’s part, he will be very easy to take down. You better use the combat shift moves to beat him up with ease and then grab the next control chip.

In the next Section, you have 2 K-Sec Protector so here you need to use a heavy attack to beat them up and make sure you keep an eye on the circle to know where you enemy is standing currently. As this is a part of the Tutorial you need to defeat them the same way it says or else you need to redo it. After taking them down pick up the chip and move towards then next location.

The Last Chip is surrounded by 3 K-Sec Protectors so Try taking the first one from the right with the Combat Shift and then the rest of the two. Just make them come towards you so that you can have one to one fight first and easily takedown. Once you are done dealing with them it’s time to collect the last Chip.

Nomad will contact you to inform about some raid nearby where 3 K-Sec Protector are beating up on a guy on the Rooftop. Even though Noah will ask you to stop, it’s your duty to run across the rooftop and take out those K-Sec enemies. Nomad will again contact you for thanking you and thus completing the mission. You can continue to Mission 3 – Be Like Water or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.