Mission 4: Back in The Game – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

After Mission 3: Be Like Water, Noah is ready to give Faith a real mission which will be full of action. you need to break into Elysium Labs and steal the data about the new type of enzyme wanted by the competitors. We have Icarus keeping an eye on us and update about the task while you have a shotgun and hacking tool with you to complete it. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the first real Mission.

Mission 4: Back in The Game Walkthrough

Mission 4: Back in The Game Walkthrough

You need to Talk to Noah in order to trigger you first real mission. Once you meet him, he’ll ask you to break into the Elysium Labs and steal the data while Icarus will keep a watch on your moves and update you if there is any trouble. So Get set and start running to the marked location before Icarus gets there, but that’s not true he is the fastest for now so eventually, he gets there first.

Find the Agricultural Dept

Talk to Icarus outside the Labs and he will ask to break into the Elysium via the open window, so get going and keep you Runners vision active to know where to head next. Once you get inside first thing to do is look out for Agricultural Dept where the data is stored so keep following the Red Echo until you reach the reach the Green Light Room and jump on the Pillars to get to the upper level.

Find the Elevator

Now Head straight and jump on the green wooden design on the wall and then grab the pipe to cross the bridge. Continue you run until getting inside the Elevator Duck, now you can either climb on the shafts or jump on the elevator’s bar for a free ride up. Get inside the vent and make your way towards the next area.

Find you way into the Office Area

Keep following the Echos and then get inside the Door following the Vent which gets you inside the Office area. Here you need to make your climb to the area between 4H and 4B where you will find the terminal and get all the data via shotgun. Now you see an intruder who gets into the Main Lab area and you need to follow him.

Follow the Intruder

Once you get inside the Lab, a cutscene will trigger and after the cutscene, you have the device which the intruder used to grab their data. Now you have to escape and get introduced to the new type of enemy – Enforcer Ranged Guard. These guards can fire so you must use the Traversal to build the Focus Shield and dodge the bullets. As this is your first main run, we recommend to keep running and do not stop to beat the Guards.

After you done evading the VTOLs it’s time you head back to the Lair and talk to Noah. Thus completing the Mission and the walkthrough. You can continue to the next Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.