Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

After Mission 4: Back in The Game, Noah is already upset that Faith has put her life in danger to get the strange device from the intruder. So After the Cutscene Faith again sees a dream about the past and then contacts Nomad for a short side quest and get a new device called GlitchMod which can use to stop the Fans at Zephyr. Now Coming back to the Main Mission Noah asks Faith to get the device to Plastic and know how to unlock it, but we need to enter the ALLCOM facility to redirect the data Plastic needs.

Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire Walkthrough

Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire Walkthrough

After a quick side quest with Nomad, you can talk to Noah to know more about your next main Mission. He will ask you and Icarus to meet Plastic who is an eccentric teenage techy girl and give her the strange device to know more about data. So head out and locate Icarus who will hand over the near gear called Magrope – used to attach secure points to make a swing and a jump. Now that you are all set to go for your mission let’s go and meet Plastic.

Locate Plastic

You are going to explore all new area of the map, but let’s just focus on the main Mission and track down Plastic for now. Once you locate her cutscene will trigger where she will ask you to break into the AllCom Facility and redirect a data sluice in order for her to break the complex encryption.

Break into AllCom building

Head out and locate the AllCom Building and on your way, you will be fighting couple K-Sec guards and make a good use of Magrope. If you think you’ve lost check out the Map and find the easiest route. While you are running towards the location Noah will ask you to locate the Tall Building at WFYO and from there to take the exterior elevator to find your way up.

Once you get up, it’s time for a couple of Magrope Swings and Jumps to get higher on the opposite building then to another. Now that you’ve broken into the AllCom Building it’s time to take out the K-Sec guards and then interact with the first Data Sluice. Plastic will ask you to run few floors down to get the priority access so activate your Runner vision and locate it.

Find the Main Terminal

The way down is not an easy job as you need to jump on the Black Cube type hanging objects and take down every K-Sec guards on each Layer. Again climb on the Black Cubes and make your way down, take down the guards then use the Magrope to swing on the other Cube and get inside the vent.

Survive Until Plastic open the Shutter

Once you get outside the vent from the other side, there are a couple of Guards waiting for you on the lower level and take them down to access the Main terminal. Plastic will now ask you to survive a little longer until she cracks the code and gets the access to the Doors. You will also be introduced to the new type of K-Sec Guards called the Shock Protector and they are a Heavy Melee with a good amount of health. Take them down one by one and to take them out early make them make sure to pull them towards the wall and them hit them with the combo.

Leave the ALLCOM Building

After you are done dealing with the K-Sec Guards it’s time to leave the building and ignore all the guards on your way down. Just make sure to use the Combo if any guard comes directly in your way, just use the zipline to escape and complete the mission. Thus completing the Walkthrough for Mission 5 and you can continue with the next Mission 6 – Benefactor or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.