Mission 6: Benefactor – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

In Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire, you manage to get the access for Plastic from the ALLCOM building, but later you need to complete a short Gridrun mission where you need to climb the tower to find the CCU and then let Plastic handle the rest. Once you are done with the mission, Noah will ask you to Meet and you decide to hand over the Blueprint to Dogen as her payoff for debts, but Plastic has some other plans for Faith, so let’s see what happens in Mission 6: Benefactor.

Mission 6: Benefactor Walkthrough

Mission 6: Benefactor Walkthrough

Plastic has managed to decrypt the code and we know that the device was carrying the Reflection Data Blueprint. Talk to Noah about the Blueprint where you meet Rebecca Thane who was in the same group with Noah before and she wanted those Blueprints, but Faith decided to handover them to Dogen as a way to pay off her debts and Noah doesn’t stop her.

Talk to Dogen

After the cutscene, head out to find Dogen and talk to him about your past debts and Reflection Blueprints. As you do not have the Blueprint currently he will ask you to do a job for him where you need to go to the Anansi Emporium and team them a lesson. He will also provide you with the Gear upgrade for your Magrope(Pull-Up) in order to help you climb high the Building.

You will get you first hands on the Pull-UP Magrope so get used to it early so you are going to need it throughout the mission. So continue your way towards the tower until you get inside the building with wires and under construction. Here your Runner Vision will be offline so simply follow the wires to get towards the exit. You also need to unlock the Quickturn Skill to climb high so you better unlock and use it.

Find a way into Anansi Emporium

Start using the Pull-UP Magrope and Climb the Tower to reach the Mass Damper and release it. Once you reach the Top of the Emporium you will find Noah and Dogen talking about something unusual and you decide to trigger the Alarm first and empty the building so that no one is hurt in this loss.

Head towards the elevator first and jump to use the Pull-UP Magrope then via vent you can get inside the main Office room to use the Computer to trigger the alarm. Now use the Elevator to head up directly and enjoy the view while running on the top of the Crane then use the Magrope to Pull yourself towards the other end.

Disable the Dammer Support Clamp

You need to Disable all 3 Dammer Support Clamp in order to let the Building loose its balance. So go ahead and disable the Support Clamp and then even though the game will make you hurry, take it ease or you might end up killing yourself. Once you are done disabling all the Support Clamp, the Dammer will fall and the Building will be completely unbalanced.

Escape the Building

After the Damage is done its time to leave the building as the KrugerSec are sending their people to investigate this accident. Use the Runner Vision and make your way down until you find the Elevator and then find you a way to the safe ground by using the zip line. Thus completing the Mission and the walkthrough, you can either proceed to the next Mission 7: Fly Trap or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.