Mission 7: Fly Trap – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Walkthrough

At the end of Mission 6: Benefactor, Noah contacts you and inform you about Icarus’s missing Beat. He is too worried and asks you to go and have a look for his missing beat, but there is something more interesting about to happen. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Mission 7: Fly Trap.

Mission 7: Fly Trap Walkthrough

Mission 7: Fly Trap Walkthrough

Reach the marked location which Noah sends to you start the mission, then climb up the crane and jump down to continue with your search. Finally, you’ll come across a Cage with all the electric on the fence, so head down to turn off the electricity. Start following the cables down the building to find the switch.

Stop the Electricity

After a quick poll down then the vent you’ll finally come on the ground. Find the alternative way to get inside so jump on the Balcony then on the pipe. Shut down the electricity to save Icarus so it’s time to head top on the roof to talk to him. Get inside the elevator and Noah will inform you about the Raid KrugerSec is all over the Lair.

Go Back to the Lair

Icarus will contact you and ask you to meet him directly at the Lair, so without getting any one’s attention simply start the run towards the Lair. Keep running, get inside the Lair and look for Noah in his room. Now for the Run you can take it easy and safe, there is no such hurry or else you might end up Falling. A cutscene will trigger as soon as you interact with the window.

Defeat KrugerSec

Now this is going to be a long and tough fight as you are going against every Guard in K-Sec you can fight so far. We recommend to keep an eye on your Health bar and as you run on very low health just escape the combat and find somewhere safe for 5-7 seconds. Once your health is regenerated you can fight them again. Finally, you’ll be fighting against the Sentinel who is also called Hunter. He has a very good health and very fast in combat as well, but he is weak against the Impact attacks so you know what to do now.


After defeating all the KrugerSec Guards in Lair, Icarus will ask you to stay out of range as long as possible without getting zapped. Start running towards the mark location which will be your safe house and thus completing the mission along with the Walkthrough. You can proceed to next Main Mission 8: Sanctuary or check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.