Morning Comes Too Soon – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

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After the Incident at Dubai in the first Mission, Jensen returns to his home base – Praha. He wanted to meet Alex Vega who is a member of an international network of activists, hacker and spies called Juggernaut Collective. After the Bomb Blast incident at the Metro Station Jensen wakes up at his place 30 Hours later and inform Alex about the same. So let’s get with the next part of the Walkthrough.

Morning Comes Too Soon Walkthrough

Morning Comes Too Soon Walkthrough

After the blast in Praha Metro Station, you’ll directly get control of Jensen 30 Hours later in the game. Jensen looks surprised and after a quick chat with Alex, you must meet your Aug Expert – Vaclav Koller and get your Augs fixed.

Regroup Before Heading Out

You are free to explore and collect everything you can inside your house. Do check each and every intractable item as they will come in handy for crafting the weapons. Starting from your Bedroom, look at the shelves, Dresser then in the washroom collect the Painkillers, Drawers, continue to the Hall and look for Juggernaut Collective, e-book, laptop. Secret Photo Frame and so on. Once you are done talking to David, walk towards the door, get dressed and Leave the House.

Find Koller Inside the Bookstore

After a quick chat with Doctor Koller, you need to travel to the Bookstore. Some Dvali Gangsters are covering Doctor Koller’s Bookshop and you must get inside without getting noticed. After leaving your place, keep walking towards the stairs, get down then head inside the first Door then walk towards the Window and jump down.

Make your way towards the marked location, but don’t take the main Entrance. Instead, jump on the roof and make your way inside. Again take the vent and make your on the top on the broken bridge, from there you can easily take down the targets. make your entrance from the Window on the first floor, take down the guards and follow the marker to find the Doctor. Once you get inside the Library, Koller will remind you about the secret book to pull in order to make you way down in the Dungeon.

Note: Make sure you collect all the items and check the Laptops for more information.

Getting in Top Shape Again

Take the Elevator down to Koller’s workshop and the cutscene will start. If you agree with the Test on the Chair Part, then Koller will check your hidden Aug and help you unlock them. After the Test, Koller will ask you to control your Augs by managing which once is required for you and maintain the System Status at 100 and avoid the core meltdown. Test and Upgrade a few Augmentations after talking to Koller and you are ready for some new Combats.

After learning about the new Augmentations, Koller will ask you to get something from Otar which can help Koller Optimize all your Augs and you can use it all at once. You can agree to do the Job which is our next Walkthrough – Checking Out TF29. You can also check our Deus EX: Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the collectible locations, secrets, tips and tricks.