Need for Speed 2015: Perfect Handling Tips & Tricks Guide

Each Player in Need for Speed have their personal preference to handle and tune the ride. Whether you choose to Drift or try Grip master slider it’s completely your call, but your changes will, however, affect the overall handling. So you need a perfect handling tips and trick to handle your ride well on Ventura Bay streets.

Need for Speed 2015

Need For Speed 2015 will allow you to fine tune your car’s performance and handling and it’s all up to you and your racing style. Here are few examples on handling the ride with three different approaches:

  1. Driving without drifting
  2. Changeover into a drift
  3. Behavior while drifting

Each of these sliders is important at various situations and every car has different base handling so the tuning of these sliders will have various effects with different cars.

Drift Stability Control:

Wondering if you need to toggle on or off the Drift Stability Control? These may vary player to player and their handling skills. By Default, this slider is toggled on and you start with basic ‘pick-up-and-play’ drift style similar to the NFS Rivals. If you toggle it off you’ll have direct control over the drifts and sharp turns, but the risk here is you might spinning out completely if you overdo you spin and the good thing here is you’ll earn more and higher score as you have direct control.

When you turn it off you must mainly focus on three things: the drift angles, sharp turns and last but not the least is the control as you might lose your ride’s control if you do not release throttle on time.

Braking Drift Assist:

Another important decision to take is whether to disable the ‘tap brake & steer to enter drift’ controls as they are enabled by default. Again playing with these sliders completely varies from player to player. If you want to get your controls from NFS Underground and Most Wanted etc, then try disabling it and get your hold on the braking.

Drifting will still be possible, but it will require more effort then the rest of the sliders. Now you’ll have a complete control over breaking which will in turn help you with corners and accurate driving line. Do not try to tune your car to a drifting ride as it will ruin you controls completely so avoid minor changes.

Handbrake Strength

Expecting a drift car with strong breaks will lead your car into a full 360 spin. So you need to focus on your handbrake as well with the torque, especially when you have cops chasing you. If you are drift rider then you must know that your car needs a weak handbrake to react sensitively with your control. This will also benefit to maintain your speed and jus turn as much as needed and get the desired drift. Once you master it and manage to pull it to the higher level then start playing with the chains of drift just like cool gymkhana-esque moves.

Steer Range

These one includes all the sliders as you start preparing a perfect drift car you need to have all the right tuning. It will help to start traveling with drift as you’ll start losing the traction and get a grip over it. Just like the old-schools in Underground we used to have a control over the main drift initiation tools: grip and the handbrake. So start focusing on the Grip, Steer Range to get the extra angle round the corners.

Front/Rear Tire Pressure

These also includes all the sliders as well. As you’re more focused with the Grip, now either you apply more grip in front tires or less in the rear it doesn’t really matter as the result will still remain the same. If you apply more grip on Front tire it will help you with the turning speed and the opposite will make your ride more stable with the accurate driving line.