Neon Nights – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Side Mission Walkthrough

Neon Nights is the first side mission(SM00) you get in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. In order to start this side mission, you must investigate 22 Zelen’s apartment in the same complex. All you need to do is get inside the apartment and look hack Bonbon’s computer(in the kitchen) than hear the guy over the phone who will be talking about some Neon drugs. So let’s get started with the side mission and how to complete it with ease.

Neon Nights Walkthrough

SM00 – Neon Nights Walkthrough

Travel to Cista CTVRT district

The information from Bonbon’s apartment will lead you to Apartment 202 at 33 Hlavni. Get inside the apartment via hacking the main door or simply sneak inside from the Window. Go Upstairs and search the Body to find more clue and then use the computer down to call the cleaning service. Leave the apartment then come back later to examine the swan on the upstairs bed.

Note: Don’t take too long inside the apartment as the security is already breached and the Cops are on their way.

The Rave

Travel South towards the Ludvik Courtyard and get into the Rave. Enter the building with the Rave Party keycard you picked up from the previous apartment. Take a left and then hack the door to get inside and find the dead body and the Pocket Secretary.

The Door of Perception

Now get out of the Rave and travel east towards the Marked apartment. Enter Libuse’s apartment via the locked door on Level 2 then find his laptop in the Kitchen area and pocket secretary in the main Bedroom to get the final clue. Use your smart vision to locate the Hidden room which can be accessed by Pulling the Spray and then hack the locker inside to get the location of the Neon dealer.

Where all the Colors come From

This is the final stage where Jensen will get back to the Southern side of Prague into the Sewers. Inside the sewers, use the code from the Pocket Secretary to open the Door and be careful of the Turret inside. make your way towards the next marked the location. Here the area is fully guards by Turrets, cameras, and the Dvali guards so better get ready for some action.

Use the Pipes to travel to the main Security room and turn off all the cameras, turrets, and alarms. Now take down the Guards then confront the Chemist inside the Lab. Convince or Warn her to shut down her lab for good and thus completing the First Side Mission. Check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.