New Set Of Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks and Cheats For Rooms, Gear, Quests, Dwellers, Women and Weapons

It was a surprising announcement on Bethesda’s side for E3 2015 and Fallout Shelter revealed to be, instead of a common free-to-play strategy and resource managing game, a complex title that let you immerse in the Fallout universe once again. Many of you were asking for a guide to have tips and tricks regarding it, so here we are: this is our Fallout Shelter Tips and Tricks Guide for Rooms, Gear, Quests, Dwellers, Women and Weapons.

Fallout Shelter

Stack rooms of the same type next to each other – it easier to manage because they merge, and you can upgrade the lot of them together, rather than individually. Upgrade your rooms. This keeps the need for lots of energy down (more people in energy rooms and more energy rooms) because it’s only one room, rather than two.

Having large resource rooms increases them efficiency for each block once combined. (1 large 3 unit room with same Dweller Stats > 3 single unit rooms with same Dweller Stats.) This will also save space and will be easier for your Dwellers to fight raiders in a large room rather than having to move the weapon around 3 small rooms.

Don’t sell your gear. A +3 I lab coat is only worth 10 CAPS. Instead equip on Dwellers in the appropriate room.

You can have a maximum of 15 stimpaks and 15 rad kits PER BAY/LAB.

Send people out. Quests get you lots of great gear early on, caps later on, and occasionally make you do things you wouldn’t other wise think to do. Keep doing them and you’ll eventually find more lunchbox quests. You get one skip a day, so use it on the quests you can’t do at your level yet.

Rare and Legendary Dwellers are the best cards to get out of your starter lunch boxes. Try to create a new vault until you have at least one rare and one legendary. Complete your objectives as soon as you can. Your objectives consist around 50% of your income, the other half coming from bonus caps on resource room completion based on the Luck of the Dwellers in that room.

Keep your women impregnated.

Don’t use the same guy to impregnate all the women, or else the kids will have the same stats. The higher the charisma between a couple will lower impregnation time. Pregnant women and kids cannot fight. Pregnant women can work but can’t extinguish fires, kids do nothing.

Weapons are essential to fight off raiders. Send an armed Dweller to the Vault room before the raiders break in. Once the raiders move to another room, unequip the weapon from him and give it to a Dweller in the new room.