NHL 18 HUT – Evolution Items Explained

Evolution items are coming to Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 18. These items are contained in special weekly packs, and are likely be some of the most valuable cards you’ll collect all season. We tell you what they’re all about and why you’ll want them.

What are Evolution Items?

NHL 18 HUT - Evolution Items Explained

Evolution items are new in HUT in NHL 18, but their concept isn’t. Last year’s version of NHL featured a special set called Movember items. Evolution items replace these items and are special, living player cards. These cards will grow with the player’s real life performance throughout the season.

This means that Evolution player cards will always take on the highest rated performance-based inform item. Informs are special cards such as Prime Time, Team of the Week, or Milestone items. They are only release to HUT when a player has a particularly good performance or reaches a Milestone in their career. If your Evolution Auston Matthews, for example, receives a Team of the Week inform, your Evo card will automatically be bumped up to match its rating.

How to get Evolution Items

Evolution items can be found by opening packs or completing the Evolution set. Every week the available Evolution items will change. There will be new Evolution player items unveiled every Thursday at 5 PM Eastern. They will be available in packs for 7 days. Additionally, every Thursday there will be an Evolution set available starting at 5 PM Eastern for just 24 hours in the Limited Edition Sets.

Players are limited to opening one Evolution set each week. Of course, these cards may also be available at Auction, but you’ll likely need to pay a significant amount of coin for them.

NHL 18 HUT - Evolution Items Explained

The first set of Evolution items, available this week, features sophomore superstars Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine. Since the Evolution cards change every week, you may want to follow the official EA Sports NHL twitter account for updates.