NieR: Automata: Flooded City and All Four Endings Walkthrough

After talking to the resistance leader you will get your next quest. This will take you to the Flooded City. Here you will need to take down a huge Goliath machine by destroying its EMP generator. Next, at the end Eve is the final one to fight with.

NieR: Automata Part 5 Walkthrough

NieR: Automata: Flooded City Walkthrough

Head in the direction of the red marker, the city is flooded, you can use the ruins around to jump up. You will reach an open space with robots around. fight them off first. Next, you will get a commander’s message for assisting the supply carrier. Take the flight unit and head towards the city ruins. Fight off the enemy in the path, finally you will reach carrier Blue Ridge II. Clear out the all the enemies in the path.

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The next to deal with is a level 25 Goliath Flyer. After defeating it a bigger enemy appears that completely destroys the carrier from the ocean below. The first objective is to locate the emitter, an EMP generator on the backside. Slowly fly around skipping the laser attacks and destroy the generators first. There will be a huge attack from all around. so it is necessary to move slowly. You have to destroy 4 shiny globes around and a big one in mid which is an EMP Generator. Once all of them are destroyed then head toward the center one. Next, use the rail Canon Unit on the shore and shoot inside the enemy mouth. Next, it will come out of the ocean and a 9S offers another strategy take it down. Go back and once again destroy the EMP unit.

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There is a big one on the back top side. Destroy that and the next missile attack will destroy the machine completely. After gaining consciousness back, go to Resistance camp and talk to the leader about the dynamic scanners for locating weaker signals of a black box. Locate the twins in the camp, and talk about the scanner. Equip it from Skills > Pod Programs: Pod A > A170: Scanner. Head back to the location Flooded City: Coast. Activate the scanner and move around to locate the survivor. The pod will blink signal as you walk near the shore. Keep looking around until you find a soldier near a broken bus who will give you the location of 9S. Follow the maker and it will take you to Copied City.

Copied City Walkthrough:

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Inside the copied city the path is simple, on the mini map at the left bottom you can see the red marker. Fight with Adam. The directions of his attacks are predictable. You can dodge the same easily. It is a Level 25 enemy with high health. His energy shields are tougher one that can cause good damage. After killing him go to 9S. In the next message from the commander, with a new mission where 2B has to move ahead and gather intel against machines with odd behavior. Ahead Pascal will give you the co-ordinates of the Abandoned factory to investigate about the machines.

Nier  Automata Ending Guide

Twisted Religion:

Go with Pascal and you will find a few bunch of robots, talk to the priest and follow him. Later you need to fight them off in the lower level of the factory. There is a huge horde of robots. The objective is to escape through the elevator. Keep following the marker, to the upper level of the factory. There will be a lot of rogue bots in the path. Finally, when you reach almost at the end you will have to fight with a round shape Goliath with energy shield around. after 9S shut downs the electrical grid, destroy the machine which is a Level 30 machine. Pass the elevator and head on the roof. Head to the resistance camp.

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You will see in the next cinematic, rogue bots are simply killing the camp members. Destroy them all and talk to the leader. Next go outside and destroy a Level 28 Goliath machine. It will turn to a round metal shop ball, you have to keep hitting with other robots constantly attacking you from behind. Finally 9S lands into the fight destroying the machine. The next fight with Adam’s twin Eve. He is surrounded by bots which unleash high attacks from all angles. So first thing is to destroy the bots around. Next Eve will escape, head to the next marker to fight with Eve. Finally, reach Eve’s position for a final takedown. There will be huge rubble around, but as you locate Eve, you can use various attacks to fight him off. This will again be a long fight where Eve will unleash large attacks.

The game ends of 2B here. You can play separate campaign by selecting 9S or A2. There are certain changes in the level, but ample of time the gameplay remains the same. We had added the endings below, as you can follow the same gameplay pattern.

Ending 1 – 2B Campaign: Eve Boss

This is the end of this campaign. 9S seems dead, but he gets attacked by the machine nearby. This ends the 2B campaign. You can also play as 9S and A2 in the game. That brings different endings. In the above one, you saw 2B and 9S fighting with Eve, and 9S turns out to be corrupted.

Ending 2 – 9S Campaign: Eve Boss

It is similar to above one when 2B kills Eve, and 9S is destroyed at the end but still it survives in other machines. The gameplay is bit different, this time 2B turns your companion in the game.

Ending 3 – 9S Campaign: A2 Boss

In this ending, A2 is the final one at the end to take down 9S, but both of them dies. There is nothing much in the ending, just a fight between A2 and 9S where while killing 9S, A2 halts that lead to a fatal for 9S.

Ending 4 – A2 Campaign: 9S Boss

A2 is another character in the game, a fugitive android. If you play as A2, the last boss to fight with is 9S. There is a final fight between both that leads to the destruction of a tower with human data. In this campaign, you will also lead to fighting with Emil who is counted as a part of the secret ending.

This was the end of this game, you can take different characters campaign with a bit change in story line, and otherwise most of the things go the same. You can also refer to our NieR: Automata Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks.