Nier Automata: How to Unlock 26 Endings from A to Z

Nier Automata is a game of twists and turns, held in post apocylptic world where the machines have devastated human world, and took control of everything. The YoRHA league, a army of androids created by Humans, has taken a stand, and wants to clear the planet back for human restoration. Thus the game goes ahead in a linear path by offering various combat styles, boss fights, etc. Overall the game is pretty nice for weekends, it not only allows you various game play patterns, but also lets you to play via using different characters and a change of perspective.

Nier Automata All Endings Unlock

Nier Automata has around 26 endings, arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. We are going to add them in the below list and a process to get those endings. The first one is common for all, others rely on presuming game after the game play of 2B and a set of conversation choices in the end.

List of Neir: Automata 26 Endings from A to Z

  1. Ending A: This one is the default ending of 2B campaign, when she with the help of 9S finally kills Eve in the end. And so 9S dies with a dramatic twist.
  2. Ending B: Continue the story after 2B’s campaign, when 9S is the central character. This ending pretty much similar to the above one with some minor new stuff.
  3. Ending C: After completing 9S play-through, at the end you will fight with A2, a fugitive android. At the time of confront, choose Defeat 9S. Then Defeat 9S and watch the third ending.
  4. Ending D: Again this one is the part of 9S play through, the difference is you have to select Defeat A2.
  5. Ending E: Now this one is a continuation of above two endings. After you had confronting both A2 and 9S you need to watch the credits at the end. Next choose option Yes for questions and then complete the mini-game.
  6. Ending F: This one is a kind of optional ending that can be unlocked in CH-01-03_2. While fighting with the Goliath, you will get a hack mini game for the last time. Let the timer run out in the same and wait back for this ending.
  7. Ending G: This one can be checked at the beginning when you are playing as 9S second time. For this you have to past the chest on the crane at the starting point instead of using the flight unit. Look for the catwalk on the right side.
  8. Ending H: Again a optional ending part of CH 05-03. In this ending, when you are heading towards the Goliath, avoid taking the flight units. Instead run from the battle.
  9. Ending I: Another optional ending in CH 08-01_2. At the time of when 2B, after defeating Adam don’t go to 9S in the Copied City. Instead leave him behind and go to exit.
  10. Ending J: Another optional ending in CH 09-02_3. When you reach the factory where you see machines praying a priest, attack the priest.
  11. Ending K: For this ending you need to find a fish mackerel. After eating you can get this ending.
  12. Ending L: A optional ending in CH 10-02, for this ending run in the crate lzr in the area.
  13. Ending M: A optional ending in CH 14-03, in this chapter you will get a objective, just ignore it and run to the bridge.
  14. Ending N: This one is also an optional ending in CH 07-02., for unlocking it you have to kill all the machines in Machine Village, where you meet Pascal, a friendly machine.
  15. Ending O: For this optional ending in CH 11-04, you will land in the battle to help YoRHa. Instead of helping escape.
  16. Ending P: For this optional ending CH 11-06, let the corruption catch you to get the ending.
  17. Ending Q: For this optional ending CH 11-07, at the beginning don’t head toward 2B, instead just escape the place to see what happens next.
  18. Ending R: For this optional ending in CH-05, you have to kill all the bots in Abandoned Factory, include Pascal.
  19. Ending S: For this optional ending in CH 17-01, you have to fight with Devola and Popola. But instead of killing them just run away.
  20. Ending T: This is easy to checkout at any point in the game. For this you have to go in Menu > Skills. Look for Plug-in Chip > Destroy Chip > Equipped Chip > OS Chip. For warning choose this option “An android’s central system. Removal means death.” The next thing you need to do is remove the chip and check the credits.
  21. Ending U: For this ending you have to go to the Bunker. Just self-destruct.
  22. Ending V: An optional ending in CH 17-01, don’t hack the tower while helping Devola and Popola. Just stand back for a while.
  23. Ending W: For this optional ending in CH 01-03_02, stand aside and let the robot kill 9S.
  24. Ending X: For this optional ending CH 11-06, at the end, when you play as A2, avoid YorHA and escape from the battle.
  25. Ending Y: For this ending you need to fight the secret boss, and let it self destruct.
  26. Ending Z: A options ending in CH 14-01, for this ending rescue Pascal and then kill it.

Do share which one is your favorite ending or if you discover anything new.