Troubleshooting Solutions For NAT Problems In Nintendo Switch


A strict NAT type may cause you a problem in Nintendo Switch with connecting to other players online. This not only includes yours NAT type but even other player’s NAT type. So connectivity may cause an issue. And if you are facing this issue with a specific player, while trying to join them, then there might be an NAT type issue from his side, you can try out some troubleshooting solutions for NAT issues given below.

Nintendo Switch Nat

Nintendo Switch: Troubleshooting NAT Problems

First try to figure out how the Home network is been Configured and what kind of device is been used, like a Modem or a Router. Commonly many connections use both the Modem as well as the Router.

When Router and Modem separate:

  • Try restarting your Network Devices, a number of times this may solve the problem.
  • Try getting into your router’s setting and allow Nintendo Switch Console in DMZ. This will allow the Console to directly communicate and bypass with the Internet. Also try to have a direct connection through the network firewall of router, allowing it to get through the traffic necessary for the connection.
  • Set port forward, as this might also solve the issue, if the network is blocking the required traffic.

When there is a single device with Router and Modem:

The entire above step will also be implied here but with an additional option.

  • Try placing the Gateway into a bridge mode, as the gateway will also act as modem and then the router will be able to handle the NAT of the Network.

So these are the basic steps you can try out to fix the NAT related problem on Nintendo Switch, it is recommended to recheck your settings first. You can also read our Nintendo Switch Troubleshooting guide for solution on various common errors of this console.