NIOH Chapter 2 Isle of Demons Walkthrough


After defeating Derrick the Executioner, William’s spirit guardian is abducted and he is attacked by the soldiers. The chapter starts with a cinematic about William’s journey to the Far East. After this, there are some tutorial levels you can play to ace weapons. Or you can move ahead where William lands on Kuroshima a small island off the coast of Usuki in Kyushu’s Bungo province.

Chapter 2 Isle of Demons

Gather Amrita from the dead bodies and then move towards the shrine. You can use Amrita to improve your starts. The game menu offers options to change guardian spirit, level up by using Amrita, make offerings, boons, etc. More will be unlocked ahead.

Mission – Isle of Demons

Mission Requirements – Investigate the mysterious of the deserted fishing village.

Move ahead towards the torch and fight a few attackers in between. You can investigate the boxes in the path for items.

Nioh Chapter 2 Walkthrough

On the right side near a boat, you will find a Bloody Grave. Select to Fight the Revenant. Walk towards the burning torch to reach a house and kill a few bandits near the house. After killing them on the left break the cart and guide Kodama to shrine to get his blessings later in the game. There is a passage on the left of the house with a few more bandits in the path. Keep moving ahead till you reach second Bloody Grave, Zipangu. Select Fight Revenant.

Nioh Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Around you can see a scarecrow in the middle of a small farm with a bandit. Before taking right towards the houses on the left near the mountain you can see stone pillars. This will activate your Ki pulse. There are ample of Blood Graves on the island, you can fight around to gather Amrita and upgrades.

Nioh Chapter 2 Walkthrough

There are several bandits and guards in the area. You will find stairs near the mountain that will take you near the shrine to upgrade your levels. Use the same and take the path straight where you will have to right with a few dead enemies. If you are unable to find path use the marker on the right top of a screen to move ahead. After taking down a number of enemies finally you will reach to a wooden home at the end. Search dead bodies in the house and defeat Yokai. Use combo attacks to reduce health and dodge away when the demons Ki is full.

Nioh Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Go inside the house and near the place where the demon has spawned you will find Key To Residence over a dead body. Use that to unlock the main door outside that takes you to the burning village. On the right side following the mountain, there is a shrine near the locked door. Use for level up. There are more demons in the village.

Nioh Chapter 2 Walkthrough

You can climb rooftops using the ladder around the house. That will help you to find the way and sometime escape Yoki. Finally, at the end, you will need to move near the shore towards the ship. There is another Kodama lost on the left side of the shore, guide him to towards shrine and later you can use his blessing. After reaching the ship a new cut scene is initiated that reveals the boss of this chapter a very powerful demon Onryoki. Defeating it would be the end of a mission.

Nioh Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Tips to defeat Onryoki: The demon attacks with huge metal balls tied to the hands with chain. Dodging attacks ill help you to save a huge amount of health and Ki. After attacking the Demon holds for a while, that is the time you can charge in and use combos to take down health. Try different weapons like Axe, Crossbow, etc. in between the demon will start throwing them towards you, you have to dodge them. Onryoki will allow trying to grab you, if you charge from a front. After defeating Onryoki demon, Hanzo Hattori appears who ask William to help him in fighting Oni. And in return, he will help him in his pursuit. So this was the end Chapter 2 Isle of Demons. You can continue with our Nioh Wiki guide or continue with Chapter 3 Deep in the Shadows Walkthrough.