NIOH Chapter 3 Deep in the Shadow Walkthrough


Kuroda Kanbei one of the allies of Lord Leyasu asks William to lookout for his son who has left to defeat a band of rouges and gone missing.

Deep in the Shadow Walkthrough

Williams visits caves lies beneath the mountain of Nakatsu accompanied by the Nigitama, Guardian Spirit, who looks like a cat and possess him to show his path ahead. Mission – Deep in the Shadow The cave area is pretty long and filled with lot of demons. There is a shrine at the entrance that can help you to level up things or get new skills. A few new skills can help you fighting them if you have enough points. Enter the cave and deal fight a few bandits first and move straight head to the open area near the mountain edges.

Nioh Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Turn left at the end and deal tackles few more enemies. Straight ahead above behind the rock chamber there is path that takes you a level above and there is a locked door. A bandit has a key below in a cave with a torch at the entrance. Kill both the guards and collect a Boss Room Key. Opposite to the dead body there is a small entrance that takes you to a hot spring on the left side. You can use it to heal wounds, and take the path on the right just next to the sprint with a bandit with bow and arrow.

Nioh Chapter 3 Walkthrough Nioh Chapter 3 Walkthrough

You can take cover in the cave on the left side to avoid its attack. Now move ahead of Bloody Grave and take a cave on the left side. Into takes you to series of another tunnel and has a shrine at the entrance. The cave ends with a path of glowing mushrooms. Keep moving ahead deeper and jump down. Fight with a Yoki demon. Finally at the end after dealing with a few more creatures you will reach a stairs that will take further down in the cave. You can jump below from the end to fight with One-Eyes Oni.

Nioh Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The demon is pretty strong and has quick attack stamina. But it is pretty easy to defeat. You can dodge and attack from the backside. After move further ahead in the cave and fight with few more demons. You will find another cave with bodies stored in it. This is the place you will fight with Hino-Enma a challenging boss.

Hino Enma is an air borne fighter, it will attack you in various ways. Using dual swords and arrows as secondary weapon is slow process but highly effective. The rule is simple dodge her attack and then charge with combos to take her down. Throwing stones, etc can also help. After defeating Hino Enma, the next cut scene introduces Okatsu a female samurai. So this was the end Chapter 3 Deep in the Shadows. You can continue with our Nioh Wiki guide or continue with Chapter 4 The Spirit Stone Slumbers Walkthrough.