NIOH Chapter 4 The Spirit Stone Slumbers Walkthrough


The chapter beings with a cutscene when Williams meet the wife of Lord Muneshige, Lady Ginchiyo. At the beginning, there is a shrine on the left side. You can use it for upgrades.

The Spirit Stone Slumbers Walkthrough

Mission – The Spirit Stone Slumbers Walkthrough

The place is guarded by bandits and demons, at the start, you can face a few weaker enemies and a yokai ahead in the end while following the marker. As usual, you need to defeat it and use the dropped items in your favor. Similar to the previous level, you need to keep moving further inside of the devastated place. At the end, you will reach a house and the guardian spirit will babble about the city.

Nioh Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Take the route towards the right and keep moving ahead after killing a few demons. the next thing is to kill a yokai who is wandering there for no reason. There are few of them. Finally, you will reach a door behind which you will have to fight Nue. An animal type yokia who swings his tail to attack with the bolt of lightning attack. So going near can be lethal. For maximum damage, you need to attack his head. When Lue is done vomiting lightning bolts from his mouth, dodge ahead near this mouth and unleash your terror on him. Try this constantly and he will eventually die. Enter the house and ahead at the entrance you will see two characters Fuku and another one on the door to whom you have to reply with a gesture Sorry to make him disappear.

Nioh Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Enter the house and take lift down. Now it is a maze where you need to find a path to the marked location. On the left of the shrine, there is a narrow passage with stairs that goes up. Follow the lamps on the wall for the path. You will reach a room where you have to fight with guards of stone. Ahead further moving inside will take you deeper into the area with more enemies. It is time-consuming to deal with them.

Nioh Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Avoid attacks from enemies on the roof. It can damage your health badly. There are walls that will break down by removing Talisman. You can use them to make passage ahead. Just move near and you will get the option. Finally, you will need to find Shade Eyes. It will unlock all the doors.

Nioh Chapter 4 Walkthrough

In the next point, you will encounter new dead ninjas. The path again is a bit long if you keep wandering around. Keep following the white marker which leads to a closed door in the room with a lot of stone soldiers and animals. There are two shade eyes, use them to unlock the door followed by the Ginchiyo Tachibana.

Nioh Chapter 4 Walkthrough

The room is full of demons, you can run towards another locked door inside. open it and it initiates a cut scene that shows the lord who is actually disguised, Edward Kelly. The next thing is the battle between William and Tachibana Muneshige. This final boss fight, Tachibana is quietly powerful. The best way to deal with him is using spirit to shun his attacks and using the best possible combos. Use a sword and don’t forget to block his attacks. Attacking him when the stamina is low is best. He uses multiple weapons, there are two pillars in the room that can be used to avoid his attacks.

At the end of Chapter 4 The Spirit Stone of Slumbers, Ginchiyo Tachibana offers Raikiri to William and shares her story. You can continue with our Nioh Wiki guide or continue with NIOH Chapter 5 The Silver Mines Writhes Walkthrough.