NIOH Chapter 5 The Silver Mines Writhes Walkthrough


Silver Mines Writhes is a new mission in the second region where William moves ahead in Izumo province. The chapter takes you in the silver mines of Iwami province where you can fight with a giant centipede.

The Silver Mines Writhes Walkthrough

Mission – The Silver Mines Writhes

There are various entrances in the mine. There are machines that clear out the pollution flow, and you will need to turn them on. Before entering from the front take right first. Go ahead take the wooden path and keep moving ahead turn left at the end. There is first one on the left. Turn it on and take the passage on the right with demons digging in the mine.

Nioh Chapter 5 Walkthrough

After killing they move ahead. There are two in the region. The first one is on the left and second is straight ahead, you will see stairs with the machine on the left downside. Now take the stairs up and fight with a yokai on top. There is a door at the right that will take you further ahead for the third one.

Nioh Chapter 5 Walkthrough

follow the white marked area in the compass on top right to reach a cave at the far end. watch out for flame wheels. The place is a bit short to dodge, you can try luring the enemies behind you. And then attack them. pass through the mines to reach an entrance with crystal around. Move a bit head and then jump to the entrance. There is another way from a wooden door.

Nioh Chapter 5 Walkthrough

If you fall down, you will need to make your way back again to the top part. Enter the mine and you will reach another place where the final boss fight with Great Centipede takes place. The centipede has poisonous breath that causes high damage to health. There are different parts of his body where you need to attack to break him down. The head is the toughest one. The right to attack is when he moves his head down. You need to dodge and attack him.

You can also attack at the backside and on the body. The damage will be slow. The mission is over when it dies.

So this was the end of Chapter 5 The Silver Mines Writhes, William defeats a giant centipede to resume the dead mine. You can continue with our Nioh Wiki guide or continue with Chapter 6 The Ocean Roars Again Walkthrough.