NIOH Chapter 9 The Demon of Mount Hiei Walkthrough


William visits Mount Hiei which is located in the northeast part of Kyoto. The mountain acts as a barrier to protect capital which is no infested with demons.

The Demon of Mount Hie

Mission – The Demon of Mount Hei

Similar to the previous mission this one also follows a linear path where you need to reach the marked location on compass by killing all the enemies in between. This time there are some changes. The enemies at the start are capable of attacking you by throwing stones. So you need to dodge the attacks by shifting a bit back when they approach you can head towards and fight.

Nioh Chapter 9 Walkthrough

The mountain is infested with powerful yokais. So moving blindly ahead can be fatal. You can use the shrine on the entrance to upgrade your stats that would help. There is path that is blocked by huge crystals, now they are also bit different this time. If you stop attacking, the crystals will regain their health. So you need to perform a few powerful attacks to break them into pieces.

Nioh Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Ahead you will reach to other huge crystals which are protected by two yokais. Take them down first and then attack the crystals. later find another crystal that is guarded and break it. move ahead and deal with a few magicians. Keep moving ahead and finally, at the 4th location, you will find a nude guarding it.

Nioh Chapter 9 Walkthrough

finally take the stairs to reach the entrance to the mountain. This will initiate a cut scene where Kelley does some magic that leads to the boss fight with White Tiger. White tiger has a powerful attack, but it mostly jumps and hits with one hand blindly. Once you dodge the attack you can hit him hard, but it is quiet ferocious to turn around. The best place to target is the left part of the face. Later in the fight, it will also use some magic. Kill it and the mission is over.

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