Nioh: Comprehensive Tips And Tricks On Weapons, Combat, Co-op and More


Nioh brings challenging mission and sub-mission, fighting with demons and gathering amrita through the gameplay. It is a competitive game with an enticing story line. There are certain aspects marked important could help you to deal with enemies easier. This guide has necessary tips and tricks you can imply in your gameplay to accomplish higher goals. Important sync your save game files online, so that in case the game crashes or something happens you won’t lose your progress.

Nioh Tips and Tricks

Important Tips:

  • There is a section in the map that takes you to the Amrita Memories Menu. Now this one is pretty good to navigate. Because it gives you various information on Yokai’s stats. You also check out Guardian Spirits info in the same and requirements for progress to a mission. The info can help you to plan an attack against a Yokai.
  • When you are selling your armor try breaking it down first instead of selling it whole to the blacksmith. You can gather more gold.
  • Living Weapons are the powerful tool when you are killing up bosses, but these can also help you to take low damage if you fall down from a ledge or height. Using them can be costly, still, you can try as they make you invulnerable.
  • As soon as you start to buy two upgrades one is “Does mode damage after a perfect KI pulse” a second is “Allow KI pulse while dodging “. The first one is needed to unlock the second one. These work for all weapons and offer you a good amount of damage on the enemy. With these upgrades the easy to use things are Grapple, Kick and Sneak Attack.
  • Avoid coming in the path of enemy’s combo attack, as there is no way to come out of the same. Those bosses which do not use grab or stun attack, can be dodged but others will attack at high damage point. But in case if you come in the straight range of a boss or enemy combo attack, instead of dodging first block it and then dodge. This will help to avoid getting killed especially when you are dealing with bigger enemies.
  • Don’t avoid Kodama, every 5 of them in a region offer you extra Elixir. The Bonus Elixir in the game are region exclusive, this simply means once you entire a new one the stock will reset. And then you need to find more in the area. For finding they easily try to use Kodama Sense that will help you to locate them easily through the radar by following a green dot.
  • Use Spirit Stone to charge Guardian Spirit, the same offer you 500 Amrita. These stones can add up to 80% charge. Now there is another way to get spirit stone while walking around you can try having looked on the birds around. Shoot them and they can drop something.
  • A simple trick to take down humans and demons that are half human is to first check if they are very low on Ki. Once they out use guard break and then hit them so that they can fall down. Next, you can use ground finisher attack. For higher damage, just go behind them and once they stand you can use a 4 hit combo.
  • The Armor you find in Tower of London is in the Storehouse, you can use this after you are done with prolog mission, a bit of time-saving instead of gather lot of items from the bodies of enemies.
  • From the Onmyo magic, menu equip Awakening, this will help you to get higher casting speed of Onmyo Magic.
  • Go with lighter armor that increases agility, this means you lose less Ki in attacks and the recovery is also faster. But the damage caused by blocking is higher.
  • Avoiding modifying current scaling of weapons and armors, so that your upgrades are not the loss, instead, you can use to get a higher amount of improvements. Weapons with physical damage are more powerful compared to elemental damage.
  • If you plan to carry Power Pills remember it will cause an issue with Carnage Talisman damage bonus.
  • Use Amrita Sense, it will help you to locate bodies with Amrita, thus saving your time. You can also collect items on them. Also keep a watch on the Amrita count on the lower right side of the screen, when it turns gold you can level up.
  • Try Enemy Sense, that will add them on the radar as small dots for small enemies and bit one for larger.
  • The game also has a Treasure Sense, which will help you to locate chests in the form of blue dots on the radar.
  • Flux and Flux II are sword skills which are very important to learn in the game. That will help you to use your weapon power more effectively as well as you can use them on other items like Grapple.

How to avoid dying by falling?

Now this one works in some cases, it happens in many levels that you might fall down from a ledge or a mountain edge, to avoid dying when you are just about to hit ground press the X from the controller and you will roll.

The trick to slow down Bosses by 50%:

By using Sloth Talisman you can slow down any boss or powerful demon by 50% in the game. So you have enough time to get your KI back and attack it with full strength. To get the talisman you will need to use 6 Onmyo points and 1 adept trail. This can ease your boss fight a lot. Adept Trail unlocks after finishing the level the Chapter 6 The Ocean Roars Againand then a complete way of the Onmyo adept to unlock Talisman.

How to use Spirit Animal Attack without Talisman:

On your controller press the Triangle + Circle button when the living weapon is active. This will summon the spirit to attack the enemy only when the weapon is active.

Where to find Ochoko Cups:

  • Ochoko Cups are essential items in Nioh if you are planning to summon a second player in the game. They are easy to find, you can gather this and offer them at the shrine, which will be taken by the visitor you enters your game.
  • Revenants are having a high change of getting a good amount of drops, you can farm a good stock in the start for later usage.
  • Another way is to play Torii Gate as a visitor, you get 3 cups if you won the game along with you also get extra items dropped by the opponent.

Tips to use Twin swords effectively:

Dual Swords in Nioh are an effective weapon, but at some point, you won’t be able to deal with bosses with it. because it demands a near range attack. You need to be near to fight with other, compared to that an axe or spear gives you high range. The same is applicable to arrows. For using swords you need to expert combos that can be used to counter attacks. You can go with the low stance and low weight weapons for a faster attack. Another way is to first ensure the enemy is low on key, then you can use go near and use the weapon for high damage.

How to get 1000 Glory?

In Nioh you can play co-op using the Torii Gate to get 1000 Glory grant every mission. You can still fight with the Revenants and increase chances of getting the glory.

Tachibana Muneshige:

In a sub-mission, you fight with Tachibana Muneshige for showing offer your skill. Now there is a trick to instantly kill without much effort. You can use Water Talisman + Carnage Talisman + Heavens Splash. This will give you an easy win. Second is move towards it and roll behind his back. Then attack him with different combos again and again. if he tries to skip your attack by rolling ahead, it will consume his KI which is an added point for you.

How to easily kill Revenants:

Revenants are the bit powerful in the game and sometimes it is time-to consume to kill them. now there is one trick you can apply to kill them easily. You will need an axe for that. You will need to use L1 + Square to knock them down first. Once they are done use the finisher and then use a strong attack later. You have to use this number of time to kill them.

What you can do at Blacksmith:

The Blacksmith section allows you to buy and upgrade items. You start with buying and selling off weapons, armors and consumable items. You can also sell your gold for some points. Tome, the girl at Blacksmith will offer you special items. This menu also has a crafting option by using talismans or crafting materials of higher and lower levels. You can use them to create powerful items. In other sections like Soul Match, Refashion, Reforge and Disassemble you get the chance to work with bonus starts. You can adjust level gear in the first one for enhancing your weapons, etc.

How to locate Sentry:

A sentry in Nioh is a guard made up from stone, in some levels, you will see a number of them but only one or few will be active. Now to locate which one will attack use a ranged weapon and aim at the Sentry. The attack cursor will turn red or yellow. Now you can use a flaming arrow and aim it on the head, if it goes well it will die in one short. The same work for the red yokai’s.

How to kill Axe-Skeleton in one shot:

Axe-Skeleton appears randomly in between the levels, in order to keep your health bar full, you can try hitting them with the axe on their head. One good blow is enough to take them down instead of attacking them continuously. So this can save time and you can also avoid their attack.

How to change Beard:

The game allows you to modify the character’s appearance by choosing a hairstyle and beard from Barber Menu. For the beard, you need to visit Blacksmith’s Barbershop. You can use a point system to unlock things. You can make points by having a conversation with Senji Tome. To unlock the beard part, choose I have a request for Time and then Unlock Barber Menu > Change Hairstyle. From there you can modify the beard styles.

So this was all necessary tips and tricks, you can also refer our Nioh Wiki Guide for more details on the game.