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Enter Sengoku violent era of Japan, destroyed by war and dark forces. William Adams a Western Samurai is the main character who is guided by a spirit. The game revolves around his story. It has ample of great challenges, boss fight to deal with. The game brings a unique experience of a fantasy era of Japan where fighting states and dark forces prevail freedom.

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Nioh is divided into various regions, the first three are Kyushu Region that has three main missions, then Chugoku Region that has 2 and the final one Kinki Region that has 3 missions. There are more than 27 bosses in the game each of them are available at the end of main mission along with some submission. Along with this the game also has a huge menu to checkout. There is a vast section equipment section where you can add two melee weapons and 2 ranged weapons. For the body you can select Head Armor, Torso Armor, Arm Guards, Leg Guards and Foot Guards. There is also an Accessory section with 8 Shortcuts.

It is necessary to save Ki in the game. A simple trick to it is by dodging attacks and tricking enemies to run behind you. Once they are done with their attack, you can instantly charge at them. Enemy’s health will reduce with every attack, but stamina will regenerate. We will keep on updating the guide below chapter by chapter. So stay tuned for updates.


  • Chapter 1: Tower of London – In this chapter Nioh escape Tower of London and fights with Derrick the Executioner in the end and his Saoirse (Spirit Guardian) is abducted.
  • Chapter 2 Isle of Demons – In this chapter Nioh reaches to a deserted fishing village plagued by demons and bandits. He has to find his way always way to a ship to defeat demon Onryoki.
  • Chapter 3 Deep in the Shadow – The chapter takes you inside deep caves beneath the mountains of Nakatsu, possessed yoki, creatures and Hino Enma the boss.
  • Chapter 4 The Spirit Stone Slumbers – In this chapter William finds Lord Muneshige who is missing, and fights with Edward Kelly in the end to move ahead in his pursuit of finding his guardian spirit.
  • Chapter 5 The Silver Mines Writhes – In this chapter William goes to Izumo province where he helps the clan to restore the mine operation by defeating a giant centipede.
  • Chapter 6 The Ocean Roars Again – In this chapter William reaches Itsukushima island to free the land from pirates and demons, inorder to get assistance from Kobayakawa Hideaki.


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