The Oasis Quest Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origin’s is the story of the beginning, it takes you to Egypt where you will be playing as Bayek, Medjay of Siwa. He wants to kill the evil ruler for freedom. There are Fast Travel Points that you can activate to reduce your travel points, each Main Quest and Side Quest will reward you XP and Abilities point along with Level Up. And some of the main quests will require higher Level, for example, Second Main Quest after Oasis, The False Oracle requires Level 5, you can play it even if your character Level is lower, but there are chances you won’t succeed because you will be fighting with stronger enemies. So it is best to play the Sidequest to level up, get new weapons, craft items and then go forward with fresh abilities.

As the game begins you will see two cutscenes, first of a Pharaoh and second of Bayek who is killing Rudjek the Heron at Bent Pyramid. After the cutscene, you will have to fight with Hypatos, Rudjek’s Bodyguard. This will teach you some combat skills, like Blocking, Light Attack, etc. In the second round of the fight, you will learn Shield Break, Dodge, and an Adrenaline Gauge, along with health bar will appear.


The gauge fills as you attack and earn points, and once it is full you can perform special attacks to kill him. Looting is an essential part of the game so does survey the area around and dead soldiers to get weapons, coins, and items. From the guard, you can get heavy Blunt a Lv 1 QLT 6 Weapon.

animus-pulse animus-pulse-1

Once done, use Animus pulse to locate a hidden entrance, in this area using the pulse you can find a lot of coins around. Just follow the white markers around, and then go the exit in the end. To go out you will have to climb up on a statue in the end and then jump towards the opening with light. Break the wall, and you will see Hepzefa fighting with some soldiers. You can lock on one target and attack it.

Main Quest The Oasis Walkthrough

After the cutscene, follow him on the camel, you will see the control on the screen to mount the animal. Hepzefa will tell about Ptolemy the Pharaoh’s control over everything. Keep following him towards his house. There is a burned village in your path, you can use Animus Pulse to gather coins here. These coins can be later used for buying upgrades for weapons, outfits, and gears. As you reach Siwa the new location of this game, you will earn some XP.

Practice Using the bow


At Hepzefa’s house, you will find another NPC Rabiah. Hepzefa will later give you a bow, practice for a while, and next, you have to kill a few soldiers in stealth mode.

Kill the Soldiers


The Red line on top of the screen indicates a restricted area, this means if you are spotted the soldiers will attack you. And you will also see a white or yellow bar above the enemy head, yellow means you can kill the enemy before it attacks you. Now you have to go slowly in the house and kill all others one by one. Go on top of the house and walk around, you will spot them one by one, you can try out bow and arrow to get a headshot. After killing them all meet Hepzefa and it will trigger a cutscene and the quest The Oasis is completed.

Senu, the eagle appears, and you will now have access to Eagle Vision that you can use to survey a big area. Two main quests will appear, Gear Up is a Level 2 Quest and The False Oracle is Level 5. Without increasing your character level you cannot play that quest, so you have to first play the Side Quest that will help you to increase your level fast. Go can go through the Game menu once, look the Gear section, Abilities and Inventory. Through Gear Section, you can equip new weapons, outfits, rides, Shields, Tools, etc. You can also craft on the basis of items you gather like soft leather. Check out the properties of every weapon and gears you are using, this will give you a bit of extra benefit, for example, some gears can help you to get your Adrenaline gauge fill fast.


The abilities section will grant you new skills, and each one will cost an Ability Point – if you have enough you can buy them and use it in the battle.

Level Up: The character level will increase as you complete quest and progress in the game by earning XP’s at the end. You can also craft better weapons and armors. For example, after finishing the first quest your character Level will be 2, then you can play Main Quest or Side Quest of the similar Level to increase it more, with the help of XP you earn.

On the roof talk to Hepzefa once again, and you will get two side quest that you can play first for increasing your character Level before returning to main Quest. You will unlock Water Rats (Level 3) and Family Reunion (Level 2).


Activate Fast Travel: There is bird symbol marker on the center of the screen, this fast travel point that you can activate by reaching a white pillar. Climb on top of it and synchronize, you can do this at the start of any quest so that you don’t have to really travel around a lot. There are multiples Fast Travels points that can be activated on the map. You can earn 100XP.

Side Quest Family Reunion Walkthrough: Reward 600XP


In this side quest, you have to rescue Termun and other farmers from a prison. You can active this objective from the game menu, by selecting Track. Once you had picked this Level 2 side quest, follow the marker that will lead you to the quest location. Next, you can use Senu, the Eagle, to find your target and to mark all the positions of soldiers around. The place you will reach is a castle heavily guarded, so going from the main gate is next to impossible, unless you are really good at hiding. There are Level 5 guards inside who will kill you instantly. Try to go around from the mountainside directly to the prison. You can sot that using the Eagle. You have to reach the prison and carry the farmer body back to the village farm which completes the quest. After completing this quest you can achieve Level 3 and earn an ability point.

Abilities: You can spend your Ability points that you will earn at the end of the level to unlock new skills. Use them wisely and gather all those abilities that can be later utilized in tougher fights. There are three sections Hunter, Warrior, and Seer, you can pick the useful one according to your gameplay style.

Side Quest Water Rats Walkthrough: Reward 600XP


You have to reach Amanai Cave, kill the bandits and release an important spring that provides fresh water to farmers. Go inside the cave and slowly you can kill the bandits with a bow and arrow, try taking a headshot, so that there is no alarm, or else everyone will try to attack you. There is a Level 3 Guard who can give you a tough fight. you can reduce its health by arrows and then fight him off. After killing them all go out and talk to the man who is standing on outside of the cave.


King Ptolemy Statue: In the form of nearby Activity you can spot the statue of King Ptolemy, by destroying that you can easily Level Up and earn an Ability point. So do keep a watch around, if you spot a statue destroy it, but not in the front of soldiers, let them pass if they are around.

Side Quest Striking the Anvil Walkthrough: Reward 500XP


To help the blacksmith in getting his tool back you have to go to Camp Shetjeh. And then kill the captain also, both are at the same location. You can use Senu to track down the location. As you reach the Camp you will see it is a heavily guarded area. On the right side, you can see a wooden structure, go on top and activate a second Fast Travel point. Jump down and use Senu, to survey the camp. This will also help you to mark all the soldiers around. You have to enter the house with a yellow marker to find the Blacksmith’s tool. Once you get the Benipe’s Tool, you can return back to the blacksmith. He will give you some weapons, you will have to pick one. The Weapons are Spear, Mace, Light Bow & Shield.


Targets: In the map, there is a Targets section, where you can see 5 members of Order of the Ancients, The Snake, The Heron, The IBIS, The Vulture and The Ram. Heron was first killed by Bayek, now he has to find and assassinate the remaining four one by one.

Side Quest Hideaway Walkthrough: Reward 500 XP

find-chenzira find-chenzira-1

Hideaway is a Level 3 Side Quest, after playing this you can raise your character level due to the amount of XP you earn. In this side quest, you will find a boy outside a cave, Fenuku, who will ask you to find his brother Chenzira. Go in the Cave, which is Mountain of The Dead Tomb. on the left of red cloth where you will find some notes, you will see a wall, break that and you will see a locked door ahead. There is a right turn that will lead you to a room with pots and passage covered with spider web. Go in that and use push the statues, it will open the path that will take you towards the boy. Next, you have to escort him out of the tomb. You can interact with the Tomb that will give you a trophy. Next walk through the cave where the boy is standing and goes outside, next you have to fight with the Hyenas outside to save the boy. This will complete the task, and you will earn enough XP to reach Level 5.

There are many side quests like Gear Up, you can play around to earn XP, and once the meter is full you can level up to reach the next chapter of Main Quest. It is safer to go with required Level’s you can easily clearly or else due to stronger enemies you can fail. So here we end the first part of Assassin’s Creed Origins walkthrough, in the second chapter you can read our guide on The False Oracle, or you can also read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.

So here we end the first Quest The Oasis of Assassin’s Creed Origins. You can read our Walkthrough on second Main Quest: The False Oracle, or you can also read our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.