Official Watch Dogs achievements revealed

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has just revealed the official Achievement list of their upcoming open world hacking game, Watch Dogs. We have list below all the achievements all with tips to achieve it, check them all. The trophies are expected to be the same for PS4 and PS3. Watch Dogs is scheduled to launch on May 27 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Watch DogsIn Watch Dogs, You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Aiden is single with no children.

So where does that family angle comes in Watch Dogs? the family tragedy that Watch Dogs is all about is “Killing of Aiden’s niece Nicole Anne Pearce”. She accidentally gets killed by peoples/gang who are after Aiden. Now Aiden have to take care of Nicole Kids: “Jackson Kent and Lena Violet”, and also take revenge from those who are responsible for murdering his niece.

Hello World 15
Take down Maurice

End of Line 30
Complete 40 Fixer Contracts

Basest Base 50
Complete every Gang Hideout

Peephole 30
Complete every Privacy Invasion

Enforcer 15
Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals

Hard Crash 10
Perform 10 vehicle take downs

Communication Fail 10
Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you

Bookmarked 30
Tag 100 enemies

Power Cycle 10
Participate in 5 different City Games

Magic Smoke 10
Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus

Free Radical 30
Escape a level 5 police chase

White Rabbit Object 30
Escape 15 police scans

Scanproof 30
Escape a level 5 police scan

Hardware Fail 15
Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles

Black Hat Trick 30
Kill 3 enemies with a single IED

Saturday Night Special 15
Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation

Sanity Check 15
Collect all 8 Burner Phones

Read-only 15
Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation

Geolocated 30
Check in at every Hotspot

Social Lubricant 15
Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents

Hackification 30
Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking

Piggyback 30
Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing

Superhighway 30
Complete 10 Public Online Races

System Mangler 30
Complete every ctOS Breach

Stealth Cookie 30
Complete an Online Tailing without being detected

Freeware 100
Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree

They Call Him The Vigilante 30
Complete every Investigation

Road Rage 30
Complete every Criminal Convoy

Revoking Client Privileges 15
Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation

Darkness Looms 15
Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation

Disk Space Full 30
Unlock every song with the SongSneak app

Clear Signals 30
Unlock every ctOS Tower

In addition to this, there are Eight Secret Achievement as well.