Mission 2: Operation Cobra Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In the previous Mission D-Day, after clearing up the Normandy Beach, Daniels heads to Caen, France. The objective here is to take over the roadways. There will be AA gun Mission to shoot down warplanes, a sniper and a jeep mission in this part. As usual you have to kill the Nazi soldiers in the area. Once you reach a point the mission ends, but the soldiers are unable to get hold of the roadways.

Operation Cobra Walkthrough - Call of Duty: WWII

Mission 2: Operation Cobra Walkthrough (Marigny, France)

Reach the AA Gun


This is a short mission on a Tank, there won’t be any fight in this, after getting attacked you have to move ahead to reach the AA gun. go slowly by taking cover on the edges of the wall on the road. Keep moving towards the house and you will see a few soldiers in the mirror. Do not engage in the open. You can move slowly from the right end side. As you reach near the house look from the window on right side. you will spot many soldiers in it. try a grenade for multiple kills.


Once you are I, there are more soldiers on the top floor, you can spot them from the ground. Take cover and kill them, one by one. after killing they go up, more will spawn, after killing them jump to the right. You will find more soldiers in the field, take cover in the haystacks around, avoid getting notice and kill them. Many will escape, this is the right place to gather some weapons and ammo.


Now you will be in forest area, few soldiers ahead will surrender if they try to shoot kill them. Move ahead and you will spot a house with heavy bombing. Follow your team, towards the house. You can go in extreme left, there is a wooden cabin, you can find one memento in it. you will spot the AA gun on the left side. Shoot down all the enemies in the vicinity and you will reach the gun.

Get on the AA Gun

reach-aa-gun-3 reach-aa-gun-4

Get on the gun, and you will play a mission of shooting down the bomber planes. Shoot them as they try to go down and hit the tanks. If you are unable to shoot them the mission will fail, so you have to be quick. There will be around three planes you have to destroy. After this few more planes will appear, keep on shooting them. The AA Gun has a limited amount of health, so try to shoot the plane’s flight path, the will come in your attack range. After destroying all the planes the objective is over.

Get to the Vantage Point


Follow the platoon towards the vantage point, after crossing a few hanging dead bodies, you will reach a battlefield. After examining the place you have to take down the Pak operators.

Eliminate the German Artillery Crews


There will be two Pak operators, you have to take down, and this will be in your direct range. Use hand grenades to destroy the first crew a bit ahead. Next, you will have to pick up the sniper rifle on the left side, near the barrels. Shoot the Pak operators, through sniper, and then slowly move ahead.

Stack Up Behind One of the Tanks

Stay behind the tank and keep moving with it. stay in the tank cover, one thing you have to watch out is grenades. As the tank moves you can use the grenades to hit the target. Adjust your position according to the incoming fire.

Reach the Sniping Position


Follow your team, to reach the sniping position, do look on the top of the house. As the soldier breaks the main door there will be heavy firing, throw a smoke a grenade and enter. Go up, and you will reach the sniping position.

Destroy the Artillery Guns 3/3

Once you reach the point, you have to destroy the operators, spot the soldiers one by one, and shoot them down. Once done then get back to the tank.

Push Forward with your Armor

Go behind the tank once again and next you will have to kill the enemies in the Trenches, there are not many, with few fires, many will surrender. Next really on Turner.

Get to Charlie Company


After the cutscene, you will have to drive the Jeep towards Charlie Company. There is a time limit for that or else this mission will fail. Try avoiding objects that will slow you down, there will be another jeep ahead of you, and keep going from the right end side. you will get directions from Zussman. You might have at attempt this number of time. If you take the wrong turn you will lose the objective. Use the gun to kill down the enemy’s jeep in your path.

Clear The Hostiles

As the jeep stops, shoot the enemies on your left side. keep shooting the enemies in your path as the jeep moves around. This will be a short mission that ends when all enemies in the area die.

This ends the Mission Operation Cobra. There will be a short cutscene after that. You can read our Walkthrough on next Mission 3: Stronghold, where the soldiers will try to take over on the roadways. You can also go through our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.