Operation Dark Quarry – Infinite Warfare Walkthrough


After chapter six Operation Burn Water, a new main mission will appear on OPS Map. It is a main mission that will take you on a job to assess damaged mining facility of UNSA.

Operation Dark Quarry - Infinite Warfare

COD Main Mission: Operation Dark Quarry Walkthrough

UNSA Vesta 3 Mining Colony:

UNSA Vesta 3 Mining Colony

Enter the armory first to upgrade weapons. After reaching an asteroid for search and rescue mission, you will have limited time to assess the colony. Follow your team mates to enter the facility. Try to stay in shadow as much as possible to avoid direct damage from Sun.

Find Survivors:

Infinite Warfare Operation Black Quarry

Follow the team towards beacon that are sending alert message to locate survivors in the facility. In case you are in direct contact with sun, keep moving ahead till your suit has enough strength left. The next step is to slowly monitor inside the mining colony that does not bring any combat at start. You can inspect things marked on the screen. Pickup F-Spar Torch from the cabin to move ahead., then follow team.

Fight Guard Bots:

COD: Infinite War War Bots

After passing few more doors ahead, you will face colony guard bots that turns against you. Fight them off. They are mostly unarmed, but lethal if they catch you. Try to shoot them from distance. Later you will reach towards the central HQ where more rogue bots will attack you. This would be a tough part as you are surrounded by them. Try to take cover incase of direct attack.

COD: Infinite War Mining Facility

Later follow your team ahead and hack the door to enter HQ. the bots won’t allow you to hack it, you have to shoot them off first and then go ahead with unlocking it. The Proximity hack will take some time. Use drones and grenades for multiple kill.

Vesta 3 HQ:

Infinite War Vesta 3 HQ

After entering the door, follow your teammate to another one that will take you to the center of HQ. taking the survivors you have to exit the facility. In the path you will be ambushed by armed bots. Also there are ammo crates. Follow the team to reach the exit point. You will find a group of survivors at the end to initiate a dialogue custscene.

Return to Transport:

COD: Infinite Warfare

Move with the group of survivors and protect them from the rouge bots. There is a whole fleet waiting ahead. They will follow the survivors, try to bring them down one by one. Avoid any direct contact. Use jump if you are attack. Shift to different place and then begin shooting.

At the end few survivors will die, along with Omar who tries to save one. Lieutenant Salter will take you back to the base. You can return for the seventh chapter that will be update soon and also you can refer to our Call of Duty: Infinite War Wiki Guide for tips and guides.