Osiris: New Dawn Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Osiris: New Dawn is an action-adventure role-playing multiplayer video game which is set around 2046. After crash landing on a distant planet, the player is free to explore, craft new colony, make new friends to discover and fight, against the tame indigenous alien creatures. This guide will show you all the basic survival and crafting tips you need to know as a Beginners.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

New Dawn Tips and Tricks for Beginners

In the year 2046, the humans had sent out the Gliese 581 system by the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E.) to understand and learn the potentially habitable planets, but unfortunately, you landed on a distant planet. The Player will start out by joining a faction which can be either United Nations of the Earth or as an Outlander which are known as the space pirates. You are all set to Survive, Craft, Research and Thrive on Proteus 2. Here are the 15 Best tips and trick for Beginners you must follow.

  1. There are 4 most important thing you need to build in order to survive – Inflatable dome, Depository, Forge, and Habitat.
  2. As soon as you built Forge, make sure you have Shovels as they are very useful from the start.
  3. If you encounter any alien species try to use the boosting to save stamina. If you die in the combat, then you will re-spawn where you last saved your game(Inflatable Dome) so we recommend to get to the corpse location and collect all your items.
  4. The Map you got has all the coordinates where to find the rare locations for metals, geyser, cave entrance and resources like berries and rubbers.
  5. Use Barrels to capture Gas from Geysers. One of the important resources for beginners.
  6. Go to Player Menu and look at the button above avatar to make a colony, invite friends or other players to join and help you with the building.
  7. If you want to sprint faster, you must try running hands-free and to quickly equip and unequip use ‘E’.
  8. Tired of Mining? use your Droid to mine for you. They will be deposit all the mining into the depository you built.
  9. Hold Shift + Left Click on an item to transfer the whole stack between inventories. To Move once item at a time Left Click and drag to the desired location slot.
  10. Hold Shift + Right Click on items will drop than from the inventory. You can use Right Click to move one item in the stack.
  11. If you think you’ve mastered the exploration then simply wait for the night to come. As more spices will try to attack you out in the dark. Make use of your Flashlight.
  12. You can rename your Robot with your Multi Tool and it has more use than just repairing. Similarly, chisel can be used as a melee weapon against small aliens rather than just pulverize solid material.
  13. Other than small species, you will encounter other smart aliens who will not come out when you are in the pack but evade you with greater agility when found alone.
  14. Having FPS Issue? you can try to lower the terrain details as the Developers have given high graphic quality typically only found in AAA games.
  15. Once you craft any item on the Crafting table, make sure you grab it from the Crafting station inventory.

These were all the basic tips and tricks for beginners. You can check out more on Osiris: New Dawn Guide.