Over the Top – Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Episode 3: Chapter 1

Welcome to the new Episode 3 – Through Mud and Blood of Battlefield 1. The British Mk.V Tank is an armored beast designed for a single purpose shattering enemy lines. Your main objective is to take the Black Bess(tank) and advanced to Cambria Rendezvous. Let’s get started with Chapter 1 of Episode 3 – Over the Top, Tank Assault Walkthrough.

Episode 3 Chapter 1 - Over the Top

Through Mud and Blood Walkthrough

Chapter 1 : Over the Top

You are controlling a British character Edward ?? who is a driver and a soldier. The chapter takes place in Ribecourt, France in Fall 1918 and your job is to drive the Black Bess and smash through enemy lines in the town of Cambria. SO let’s start capturing each Objective starting with Apples.

Capture Piccadilly Mill

Piccadilly Mill will be your first capture once you get the controls. Get your hands on with the Black Bess, understand the controls for zooming and firing the weapons. You need to drive Black Bess all the way through the top in order to capture the area. Once you get to the Top try to park the tank near the Flag to make the capture rate real quick. The Objective Marker start loading clockwise and then anticlockwise to capture it completely. Till then you need to destroy all the nearby French soldiers.

Note: Avoid the Mud and destroy the turrets first

capture piccadilly mill

Capture Kitchener’s Ridge

After capturing the first objective, let’s head to the next trench line which is on the top, but first, we recommend you to take down the turrets from a distance to make things easy when you get up. There are three turrets you need to clear before you head up to the objective. Park your Bess near the Marker and clear out the soldiers until you capture it.

capture kitcheners ridge

Capture Beren’s Crossing

The next objective is little far so we need to repair Bess’s damage. Start taking down the turrets only because normal guns does not take any damage. Now make your way towards the marked objective C and capture it by destroying all the nearby turrets and wait until the heavy tank appears from the north. Take cover behind the wall and repair your ship before you attack the enemy tank. You need to aim very precisely to make most of each shot.

capture berens crossing

Destroy Enemy Artillery

After watching the cutscene you need to head towards the next location where all the French Artillery is hold up. Repair your Tank first before heading to destroy any turrets on your way. There are total 5 turrets you need to take down and ignore all the soldiers as they won’t do any damage. After destroying the first artillery head towards the next one which has 3 turrets and 1 mini tank.

destroy enemy artillery

Capture Big Willy’s Farm

Once you clear out the two major Artillery, we need to conquer the village by capturing the final Objective which is the Big Willy’s Farm. Drive to the marked location and make sure your tank is above 80% health. Here you need to escape from all the possible grenades as they are the only once damaging Black Bess.

capture big willys farm

Destroy Enemy Artillery 3

Once Last Artillery and we are good to enter the French town of Cambrai. Head towards the marked location, but before that you need to take down the heavy armored tank. To do so we recommend taking cover or a place where you can block their shots then aim precisely. Now clear the bridge and take down the Artillery.

destroy enemy artillery 2

Deliver Message to HQ

While making your way to destroy the third Artillery then you will be stuck in the Mud. Now you need to control the pigeon and fly back to the headquarter to deliver the message. Watch the cutscene and thus completing the first chapter of episode 3. We can continue to the next Chapter 2 – Fog of War or check our Battlefield 1 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.

through mud Blood headquarter