Best Overwatch heroes for beginners

New to Overwatch? Check out which heroes you should give a try first.

Overwatch features a roster of dozens of colorful and unique heroes. Each has their own set of abilities and an ultimate to give themselves the upper hand in certain situations. You will need to work with your teammates to eliminate the enemy team and take control of the objective in each match.

If you are new to Overwatch, it can be a daunting task to find the right character to play in each situation. The game is fast-moving, and accidentally choosing the wrong hero could cost your team the point and potentially a win. With 32 heroes to choose from, you are going to want to know which heroes are best for your early playing days. Here are the best Overwatch heroes for beginners.

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The best Overwatch heroes

Soldier 76

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Soldier 76 is the best starter hero for anyone familiar with first-person shooters. He holds an assault rifle that has decent damage and rate of fire, as well as an ability to shoot out helix rockets that are perfect for finishing off enemies.

His other abilities are an unlimited sprint and healing field that help him out in a pinch. Tactical visor is Soldier’s ultimate, which gives him an aimbot to mow down enemies. During this time, your reloading is almost instantly done as well.


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Torbjorn is by far one of the best heroes for beginners looking for early success. The main draw for him is his beloved turret that he throws wherever and can repair when it takes damage. The turret automatically fires at any enemies it sees and will easily earn you gold metals in matches. The more you play, though, the more people know how to counter Torb, to the point he becomes a throw pick, so be wary.

His other ability is called overload, which gives him more armor, speed, and fire rate, and his molten core ultimate lets him spill lava around and does extra damage against armor.


Like Torbjorn, Symmetra is a hero who throws out turrets. She can send three out at a time that will stick to surfaces and slow enemies that they are firing on. If enemies do not take them out fast, Sym’s turrets are devastating.

Her primary fire is a beam of energy that is unique in that it ramps up power the more it connects with enemies or shields. As a bonus, when firing on shields, her gun replenishes ammo. Her secondary fire is orb fire that she charges and explodes on contact. Her secondary ability is a teleporter she places down, and her ultimate is a giant wall shield that spans the entire map and protects up to 4,000 damage during its duration, but cannot be moved once placed down.


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Starting off our list of beginner tanks is D.Va. She pilots a mech that never needs to reload its fire and once destroyed kicks you out to give you a chance to call in another without having to spawn. She has boosters that give her short flight and one of the very best abilities in the game called defense matrix that destroys any projectiles it catches in its net. Her ultimate is self-destruct, which, as you would guess, sets her mech to explode as she jumps out. Of combined with her boosters, you can hurl the exploding mech in the direction of enemies and wipe out anyone not hiding behind shields or a wall.


Orisa is a reliable shield tank that is relatively easier to control than Reinhardt, and should not see you become easily separated from your team. She shoots out her shield that cannot be moved but has a relatively short cooldown. One of her abilities is called fortify and reduces any damage done to her during its duration. While in use, no crowd control abilities will affect her. Her last ability is called halt, which shoots out an orb that she can activate to pull enemies where she desires. Her ultimate, supercharger, places down a beacon that shoots out damage amplifying beams to you and your teammates. As long as it is active, your team becomes exponentially more deadly.


For Honor

Roadhog features his trademark hook that he uses to pull enemies towards him. This tool can be used to yank an enemy away from their team, and in most cases, quickly eliminate them from a fight when combined with his primary fire and a melee attack. His other ability heals himself for half of his overall health and reduces any incoming damage significantly while he is doing it. His ultimate is called whole hog and is useful for pushing enemies away, but if they are stuck close, say against a wall or in a graviton surge, will deal tons of damage.


Mercy is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, with a big part of that being attributed to how easy it is to play her and make a positive impact on your team. Being a support, Mercy is one of the most potent healers in the game. Her staff can either heal or damage boost a single ally for as long as the connection remains between Mercy and the other person. She also has a pistol blaster, which can come in handy during stressful situations, but if you would rather run from danger, she can fly to any ally in her sights. If you take no damage for a brief time, Mercy’s health will regenerate.

You cannot mention Mercy without her ability resurrect, which formerly was her ultimate. This ability brings back one ally who has fallen on the battlefield before they respawn. Her current ultimate, Valkyrie, lets her fly freely across the map while also extending her healing and damage boost beams to any allies in the immediate area. Mercy is a game-changer when she is in the equation. If she resurrects a teammate, the fight can ultimately be turned in that team’s favor, and Valkyrie is a useful tool to overpower the opposition.


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Not only is Moira one of the easiest heroes to play in Overwatch, but she is also one of the strongest. Her primary fire sucks the life force out of the victim, in turn, healing any damage she has taken. When looking to heal teammates, Moira’s alternate fire puts out a yellow cloud that gets the job done. Her healing is measured on a meter, when some has been expended, sucking the life from an enemy will refill it. She also has an orb ability that the player can choose to heal teammates or damage enemies with. When not connected to a player, the orb will speed up and bounce off walls until it is over.

Moira’s secondary ability is fade. This allows her to become invisible temporarily and she can quickly reposition herself using fade while not taking any damage. Her ultimate is called coalescence. It takes the best of her orb ability and turns it into a continuous beam of energy that heals teammates and damages enemies that the beam runs through.

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Brigitte may not be as broken as she was when she first made her way to Overwatch, but for a beginner, she is very easy to understand. She sports her shield that has 200 hit points to it. It will not last sustained fire but can protect both her and any teammates that she puts herself in front of. When she has her shield up, Brig can pull off her first ability, shield bash. Any enemy that comes into contact with this move is stunned, setting them up for sustained fire from your team. It is easily the best stun move in the game.

Any damage that Brig puts out will heal both herself and any allies surrounding her. If you brawl your way in a fight, you can draw out the battle to give your team a better chance to pull off a move to put things in your favor. You can heal one teammate at a time that is out of your range with the repair pack ability. Brig throws the pack that will heal and gives temporary armor when it makes contact. Her ultimate is called rally and will provide teammates within the immediate area temporary armor as well.