Overwatch: How to Play as Genji, McCree, and Pharah Hero Guide

 Overwatch: How to Play as Genji, McCree, and Pharah Hero Guide

Overwatch features 21 different Heros from the Launch and they are categorized into four different section such as Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Those who didn’t get the chance to play the open beta and get familiar with the character, that is why we decided to write this guide with loads of tips on how each Hero works with attacks, defense, and his Abilities.

How to Play as Genji, McCree, and Pharah

How to Play as Genji​​

Genji one of the Offense Heroes and is the best known for his mobility and damage output. For the first time player will find it difficult to handle this character as he is hard to master and they only tend to select him for his cool Cyber Ninja looks.

Genji Abilities


This is a Primary ability that Genji uses to throw 3 deadly stars at a super speed whereas he can throw 3 Shuriken in a Wider speed. It’s good to use this attack for a long range but avoid using it as a gun and go for higher attacks.


Genji is a known for his speed he is able to deflect the incoming projectiles and can send it rebounding towards his opponent. There are limitations to his deflection as he is unable to deflect primary weapons of Mei, Winston, and Zarya. Also, it has a 8 seconds cooldown time after using this ability.

Swift Strike

​One of my favorite moves where Genji dashes forward to slice down the enemies with his katana. If you manage to eliminate a target you can instantly use this ability again and if you miss then it has an 8 seconds cooldown.


​The Ultimate Ability of Genji is the Dragonblade where he fires up himself and slashes and crashes all the victims on his way with the razor sharp katana. The Good thing is you can still use his other abilities like the Deflect and Swift Strike when this ability is active.

  • Genji is Effective Against – Bastion, Torbjorn, Windowmaker, and McCree
  • Avoid Genji From – The Tank Heros like Winston and Zarya

How to Play as McCree

McCree is a futuristic Cowboy who is known to his powerful Pistol and the stun grenades. He is a Strong duelist in the game and a precise attacker for medium and long range attacks. Using his ultimate on clustered enemies can result in multi-kills if lined up properly.

McCree Abilities


This is McCree’s Trusty six shooter revolver who can provide good damage with increasing distance. Fan the Hammer is his secondary fire which can unload the entire clip at once.

Combat Roll

The Combat roll is nonother than dice roll which avoids all the damage and you can start shooting at the target as soon as you exit the combat roll. The Best part is that you can reload the clip while you are performing this roll. This ability has a 8 seconds cooldown time.


McCree can heave a blind grenade which can explode shortly after it has left your hand. The Blast can stagger enemies in a small radius and enough time to clear your target with Peacekeeper.


The Ultimate Ability of McCree is the Deadeye where he can slow down his opponents move and in that precious time you can aim and fire at him faster to take him down instantly.

  • McCree is Effective Against – Reinhardt, Zarya, Genji, Mercy, Zenyatta and Lucio
  • Avoid McCree From – Tracer, Hanzo, Windowmaker, Pharah, and Soldier: 76.

How to Play as Pharah

Pharah is a long range barrager who can rain down explosive chaos from above. She has the jump jet ability and hovering capabilities for hanging back, firing a relentless volley of missiles at opponents from range and height. Be careful not to overuse her flying/hovering abilities as flying players are heavily targeted. Use her capabilities to get to high ledges and vantage points with cover.

Pharah Abilities

Rocket Launcher(Weapon)

We all know Rocket Launcher has a long range and big damage output and using this as your primary weapon will be easy to hit the enemies down from a jump. The Only thing you must be careful of the self-damage the weapon does, but if you aim it correctly it can deal with a significant damage in the wide blast radius.

Jump Jet

You can use the Suit’s Thrusters to soar high into the air(Holding the jump button). You can also hover in the air but it will consume the fuel which can be recharged once you are one the ground and it has a 10 seconds cooldown.

Concussive Blast

Using this ability will trigger the Wrist Rockets that will knock back any enemies it strikes. Even though it has a 12 seconds cooldown it is going to push the enemies out off ledges into the pits.


The Ultimate Ability of Pharah where she directs a continuous salvo of mini-rockets to destroy groups of enemies for 3 seconds. The only thing you should take care off is to avoid being vulnerable while using this attack so make sure you have a backup ready to distract the enemies.

  • Pharah is Effective Against – Mei, Mercy, Reinhardt, Zarya, Lucio, Junkrat and Reaper
  • Avoid Pharah From – McCree, Soldier 76, Roadhog and D.Va