Papyrus Puzzle Locations and Loot – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origin features 25 Papyrus Puzzles which rewards the player with XP, coins, and cool gear. So you must find and loot them early in the game to get Legendary Weapons and Gears(Backlink). There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle and proceed towards the loot. So without any further ado, let’s begin with locating all 25 Papyrus Puzzle in the game.

Papyrus Puzzle Locations

The rewards for Papyrus Puzzle are randomized, so you can get a bow, sword or shield or a few hundred drachmas and 500 experience points for trying. So the first method is with use of Senu(Your Eagle), call him to count out locations and buildings nearby. Once you have located your Papyrus Puzzle it’s time for the second method which is the eagle vision to locate other loots and enemies nearby. Let’s get started with solving every puzzle and their Loot Locations.

Papyrus Puzzle in SIWA – A Long Drink

  • Puzzle Location: Inside the House of Life(Entered during Side Quest)
  • Treasure Location:
  • From the Siwa Fast travel point head near the bottom left of the lake. You need to dive into the round pool to get the reward.

Papyrus Puzzle in Lake Mareotis – Fertile Lands

  • Puzzle Location: During the Temple Quest(Hide and Seek with children) you will encounter this location in Hypostyle Hall.
  • Treasure Location:
  • Head north-west of the temple on Lake Mareotis to a small oasis full of trees and ruins. The Papyrus loot in exactly next to a ruined hut and covered well at the center of an unbroken stone square.

Papyrus Puzzle in Alexandria

Divided Valley

  • Puzzle Location: During the Main Quest in Alexandria you will enter the Great Library. Make sure you see the puzzle on the roundtable on the red carpet(before the stairs).
  • Treasure Location:
  • The loot is at Sap Meh-Nohm where you need to find the canyon next to the small river. On the Map, you can see as the Crocodile Lair. All you need to do is climb the Canyon ledge to grab the loot.

Ray of Hope

  • Puzzle Location: Behind the Statue of Alexander the Great(Second Level)
  • Treasure Location:
  • Head north-west section of the Qattara Depression and the loot is next to the smallest bush(far east of the canyon).

Nature’s Way

  • Puzzle Location: Head inside the Great Synagogue’s courtyard, then clue is on the table.
  • Treasure Location:
  • For the loot, you must head to Kanopos Nome to find a lone tree north of the synchronizing point. The treasure is waiting at the base of the tree.

Deafening Silence

  • Puzzle Location: North of Alexandria is a building called Iseion, Head back of the building to find the clue.
  • Treasure Location:
  • Between the large lighthouse and the library, is an uninhabited island. The treasure is on the western bank next to the fallen tree.

Papyrus Puzzle in Kanopos Nome

Dead End

  • Puzzle Location: Use Senu to locate the clue in a Hut(middle of the farm)
  • Treasure Location:
  • North of Lepotolis fast travel you will find an irrigation system. At the end of this irrigation is your loot.

Sea of Sand

  • Puzzle Location: Inside the Temple of Horus, head right of the statue to find this clue.
  • Treasure Location:
  • Head towards the fast travel point in the south-east part of Iment Nome. You can collect this loot during the morning so use your Dawn and Dusk ability to fast-forward time and then check where the X is formed by the shadow of the ships old rigging to grab your reward.

Papyrus Puzzle in Memphis

In Plain Sight

  • Puzzle Location: On the Top of the bookshelf inside the Temple of Apries.
  • Treasure Location:
  • While in Krokodilopolis, head towards the island south of the waters. Check the grey pits where the water is in the streams and pits.

Burning Bush

  • Puzzle Location: In Wabet, head north-east of the In Plan Sight to find this clue
  • Treasure Location:
  • Head the opposite side of the river from the farmlands which are between Giza and Memphis. On the expanse sand next to the Nile you will find a tree and next to it is your reward.

Fallen Friend

  • Puzzle Location: On the Table at the Temple of Ptah
  • Treasure Location:
  • At the Memphis canal, you will find two statues and follow the one with the spot of water. Dive down to the sunken boat and grab your loot.

Papyrus Puzzle in Giza

Stone Fungus

  • Puzzle Location: Head east of Eastern Cemetery Mastaba to climb the building to enter the roof and find the clue.
  • Treasure Location:
  • Northwest of the smaller pyramid, you will see two rocks looks like mushrooms(similar to what clue says). Head west of the mountains and start climbing on the smaller one then stand on top to grab your reward.

Papyrus Puzzle in Faiyum

The Leaning Tower

  • Puzzle Location: Look for Serapeion of Karanis then climb the second level to get this clue on the balcony.
  • Treasure Location:
  • Towards the Caravanserai military camp, you will see this tower tilted on the slight hill. Your reward is tucked outside the corner of the building.

The Blasphemer

  • Puzzle Location: In the Valley Market next to scrolls on the table.
  • Treasure Location:
  • While in Haueris Nome, you will encounter a small pyramid with doors on the side. Your reward is in front of the second south-most eastern tomb.

Sobek’s Rage

  • Puzzle Location: On the second level of Temple of Sobek.
  • Treasure Location:
  • At the border of Haueris Nome, you will find this pyramid. Below the statue, search behind the pharaoh’s head to grab the loot.

Just Laws

  • Puzzle Location: On the table at the House of Iwm
  • Treasure Location:
  • Keep following the path at the coast of Atef-Pehu Nome and once you reach the center you will see large smoking furnaces. Now climb the pile of pots to grab the reward.

Papyrus Puzzle in Haueris Nome

Toth’s Secret

  • Puzzle Location: Near Hermopolis in the Temple of Thoth
  • Treasure Location:
  • You will find a leopard’s den in Uab Nome where a branch is poking out towards the water. Climb the tree to find the small cave and as you land you will have your reward.

Papyrus Puzzle in Herakleion Nome

Twin Despair

  • Puzzle Location: In the Temple of Khonsou
  • Treasure Location:
  • Fast travel east to find two houses in Yw Huts. One house is in the water while other is without a roof. You will find your reward next to the tree.

Royal Flora

  • Puzzle Location: On the second floor of Natho to Galenos’ House.
  • Treasure Location:
  • You must find the tree which is east of Herakleion Nome. The reward is waiting near the base of the tree.

Papyrus Puzzle in the Green Mountains

Wet Work

  • Puzzle Location: Inside the cave building at the Oracle of Apollo
  • Treasure Location:
  • Simply follow the wooden structure into the cave then dive in to find the barrels with your loot inside.

Forsaken City

  • Puzzle Location: Inside a small building between the restricted area in Balagrae and Asklepieion.
  • Treasure Location:
  • Head towards the abandoned village in Paraitonion region. Find the building without a roof and there is where you will find your loot.

Papyrus Puzzle in Kyrenaika

Under Haste

  • Puzzle Location: In the Temple of Zeus
  • Treasure Location:
  • Open your map and see the marked Lighthouse. You will find a wrecked ship on the coastline with your reward in it.

Underground Currents

  • Puzzle Location: While in Tomb of Battos, climb from outside then drop down from center to find this clue.
  • Treasure Location:
  • In the Green Mountains, head towards Cyrene to find the source of the waterfall. There you will also find your loot.

Dead or Alive

  • Puzzle Location: Inside the Apollonion of Cyrene
  • Treasure Location:
  • The final loot is in the arena where you need to fight the elephant(between the Green Mountains and the Roman Camp of Surus). Once you are done with the Elephant, check the water and the fence to find the loot.

These were all 25 Papyrus Puzzle locations and their loots. Check out other Guides for Assassin’s Creed Origins from our Wiki Page.