Permanent Mount Unlock Guide – Horizon Zero Dawn

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In the Horizon Zero Dawn, you can use mounts to ride from one place to another in the quicker way. The game allows you to override some machines, which you can use as mounts. The mounts can be used for a certain amount of time and they will disappear after that. So you need to unlock permanent mounts which can be ridden whenever you want and also helps you in the battles. The following guide shows how to unlock Permanent Mount in the game.

Permanent Mount Unlock In Horizon Zero Dawn

How to Unlock Permanent Mount:

In order to unlock the Permanent Mount, you need to go to the Skill Menu and by the “Call Mount +” Forager Skill Tree. This skill is used to get the new Mount when no Mounts are available.

To unlock this skill, you need to have three skill points and also unlock other skills in this tree. The best and faster way to get skill points in the early stage of the game is to climb all Tall neck to collect the skill points.

There are five of them and each offers one skill point in the game. Getting permanent Mount makes things a lot better in the game.

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