Planetbase Guide On Pro Tip For Advanced Players: Progression, Manufacturing, Land Permissions And More

In our previous Planetbase guide, we discussed the creation of your mother base and all the secondary structure that will help you carry it on, ultimately to survive on a foreign and hostile planet. We also discussed the composition and the way to run properly a crew of men and robots. Now it is time to deal some other themes, particularly useful to those who are still playing the game and want to approach it in a more advanced way. Let’s start with the landing pad, that allows you to expand your crew. Build one, connect it to your grid and you’ll see the Base Management icon appear in the upper left hand corner.

Planetbase Guide

Selecting Land Permissions button you will be able to handle requests of landing at your base, determining with the Colonist option in percentage which crew staffers you would need in addition to yours. With the Trader option activated, you will receive the visit of trading vessels carrying money, parts, food, medical supplies, crafting components, bots and schematics. Keep in mind as of today semiconductors and weapons are some of the higher values.

Land permissions con is they will open up your base to potential intruders, that’s why you have three levels of alert that will determine how your crew deals with them. The first level is Yellow, which will bring your staff members in their offices while guards will stay out longer. The second is Red, with everyone at your disposal when it comes to fighting the intruders in the offices. Security monitors, laser turrets and guard armors are also pretty important when it comes to “exterior” mods you can approach to improve your security.

Manufacturing is also important once you have settled pretty well on the planet and you are willing to extend your dominion. You can make a profit out of supplies you’re producing in surplus, and even tell your crew to limit them at a certain quantity because you want them to focus on other types of supplies. Be sure you’re good at your factories, as spare parts, semiconductors and weapons are the best things you will trade in the game. Semiconductors, as well as metal and bioplastics, are the components you will need most to manufacture robots.

Here you have a selection of the best tips about Planetbase you will find on the Internet. Water towers: use them as they will store water in excess and won’t let your base run out of O2. You can disable certain rooms and zone you don’t want your crew members to stay in nor use, as well as prioritizing some other areas at your base. A situation where you want people to go in a particular room is during dangerous solar flares.

As we said in the first part of this guide, planets you can choose among in the beginning of the game are emblematic of the difficulty level you will encounter by playing it. If you want to progress and unlock the second planet, you will have to satisfy these requests:

  • Survival – Survive 1 day on your planet
  • Self Sufficiency – Build a Meal Maker, Mine, Bioplastic Maker, Metal Maker & Biodome
  • Expansion – Get new colonists to your base (Hint: Build a Landing Pad)
  • Standing – Prestige to 100
  • Century – Population of 100
  • Robotization – Build or Buy 10 Robots
  • Powermonger – Generate 500KW of Power
  • Meglomania – Build a Monolith
  • Technocracy – Acquire all the schematics from traders
  • Consolidation – Population of 300