PlanetSide 2 PS4 Guide On How To Upgrade And Do Team Work

With PlanetSide 2 arriving on PlayStation 4, many new gamers are coming to the SOE franchise and getting into such a great battle is not easy at first. That’s why we think you might need a hand to start and be competitive as soon as you enter the fight: here you have our suggestions not to be beaten over and over again, by upgrading your tools and items wisely, and more.

Planetside 2

First of all, be careful when talking about spending your certs. Buy scopes no higher than 2x, upgrade your medic and engineer tools, then upgrade your nanoweave and protective armors next: this will help you stay longer in the fight, so you will enjoy the game much more.

Spend your certs wisely, as we said earlier, because the game will deliver them much slower once you pass through the level 15. Until then, you will get 100 certs for each level, but then it won’t give you passive certs anymore and wil provide just 1 for every 250 XP you gain. Not that much, we think…

Don’t use too much the auto spawn button, since it will usually take you far away from the battle. As the maps are huge, it can take you too much time before reaching the points of interest in them. So, if you’re not sure whenever the auto spawn button will bring you, hit standard spawn and cycle through with r1/l1 until you get where you were.


Let’s talk about some teamwork now.

Avoid getting to the objective and standing there without moving forward, as this will make you an easy target for those who defend. Do it by foot if there is not so much distance between you and your target, and be sure you walk by the side of the road, as vehicles are not so manoeuvrable and you basically won’t have anyone to blame if they hit you.

Don’t get into the top gun of a heavy tank (magrider/vanguard/prowler) without being an engineer, if you need a ride, jump in a sunderer or spawn yourself a flash, if the tank takes a hit, jump out at the back and start repairing it and be prepared for the tank to reverse quickly. If you’re on an anti-vehicle or anti-aircraft turret in a base, watch your heat levels on the turret, over heating it will permanently disable it. Get a darklight flashlight for your guns, it illuminates enemy infiltrators even when they’re cloaked.

Get a darklight flashlight for your guns, it illuminates enemy infiltrators even when they’re cloaked. This will save not only your life if you use it in time, but also your companions’.