Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – How to Rank up and Earn Coins Fast Guide

After the huge success of the predecessor Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 has a huge fan following when it was announced at E3. This Guides acts like Beginners guide for all the newcomers and understand the basics to earn coins and level up faster as both are equally important in the game to upgrade to Higher level.

How to Rank up and Earn Coins Fast

With the latest DLC, we have seen tons of new upgrades and features the game offers such as Split-screen multiplayer, private servers, twelve maps and forty different characters. You need to be more focused on each character from leveling up to earning more coins. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Ranking and Earning Coins Guide.

How to Rank up and Earn Coins Fast

Check the Backyard Battleground

If you have noticed the Backyard Battleground, they have much more to offer then the different game modes. There is a constant battle between Plants and Zombies, swapping of AI allies to clash with the other near Flag of Power(center). You can try taking these Spawnable to increase your XP. If you are focused on farming Coin then always go to Raise the Flag of Power and initiate the battle at the center. All you need to do is defend the Flag from your opponent. During the battle, you see many enemies drop decent coins on the ground which you can collect and after defending yourself you get a Huge reward such as Diamonds and Coins where each diamonds are worth 250 coins.

Double the XP and Coins in Quest Board

As there are new Features added in the Game, you now have a Quest Board which offers you quests regardless of which side are you on, be it Zombies or Plants you will have a Quest Board on the right side of the Multiplayer Portal at the Backyard. The Quest refreshes on Daily Basis so you can have a look at them to archive more XP. You can select which quest you want to do and add them to your active quest.

Once you complete these quest then it will shower you with Coins, Stars, and XPs. Also, if you have a look at the bottom of your screen, there is an XP multiplier which you must keep at ‘2x’ to maintain the highest XP as you can. Try to get the Epic quests in order to grab huge bounty with around 25K coins, Decent XP which help you level up Faster. Do keep an eye on the Quest Board and grab all those rewards.

Define Modes and Character

Since there are various modes to play in the game, we will be focusing on the main modes which will help us gain more XP and coins to level up. Game Modes like Herbal Assault and Gardens and Graveyards last for a bit longer, which will help both the team to clear their opponents and rank up faster. Every character has some role to play and intended to serve with a unique function like the builder, snipers, medic and others.

You must figure out which character is good to play their role in different battles and grab all the rewards like XP and coins from the every match. The Roles we are talking about are for example the medic is for Sunflower to heal their teammates. There are also few characters who have the ability to give support to other mates and fetch more XP from them. Always remember which character has what role and plan them accordingly. Thus, you can Multiply you XP and gain faster Coins then the normal process.